[Blueboard] Invitation to a Special Lecture: Nation-State in a Transnational World: South Korea's Effort to Create a De-territorialised Nation

Sarah Jane O. Domingo sdomingo at ateneo.edu
Thu Nov 26 08:34:39 PHT 2015

The Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies (AIKS) and the Southeast Asian
Studies Program of the School of Social Sciences invite you to a special
lecture by Dr. Changzoo Song (University of Auckland) on December 15, 2015
(Tuesday) at the WOK Area, 4th floor, Rizal Library. The lecture is
entitled *Nation-State in a Transnational World: South Korea's Effort to
Create a De-territorialised Nation*. Dr. Diana Mendoza, Assistant Professor
of the Political Science Department and Director of the Southeast Asian
Studies Program, will facilitate the discussion.


Increasing transnationalism has imposed many serious challenges on
nation-states, making governance an ever more precarious task. On this
basis some have predicted that nation-states would be fading. Are
nation-states losing their grip of their citizens who are becoming
increasingly more global and transnational?

South Korea has been facing such a challenge in a much more serious and
complicated manner than most other nation-states. A rapidly aging
population (faster than that of Japan), dwindling fertility rate (lowest
among all OECD nations), continuous outmigration of the middle-class, and
an increasing number of foreigners entering into a country that was
formerly considered the most homogenous nation in the world…This is today’s
South Korea, and its response to these challenges has resulted in an active
diasporic engagement policy, in which the country tries to reconnect itself
to its seven million globally scattered diaspora. What are the contents of
this policy and will it succeed? The South Korean example is instructional
as to whether nation-states can survive in this progressively transnational

*About the Speaker: *

Dr. Changzoo Song is currently a Senior Lecturer in Asian/Korean Studies at
the University of Auckland. He received his PhD in Political Science from
the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and worked at the Riga Stradins
University in Latvia and at the Lviv National University in Ukraine before
he joined the University of Auckland in 2002. His research interests
include nationalism and nation-building in Korea, changes in the identities
of Korean diasporic groups, and the relationship between ethnic homeland
and diasporas.

Dr. Song has been publishing articles and monographs on the above topics.
The most recent one is "Engaging the diaspora in an era of
transnationalism: South Korea's effort to build a deterritorialised nation"
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