[Blueboard] Public Lecture on Coastal Wetlands

Rowena C. Argones margones at ateneo.edu
Mon Nov 23 18:11:05 PHT 2015

The *Department of Environmental Science*

in partnership with the *Department of Biology* and

*Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Creative Work*

cordially invite you to a special lecture on

*"Coastal wetlands:  conserve, preserve, manage, restore or trash?"*

*by  Dr. Peter Bridgewater*

*Australian National University, Canberra*

*                                                  Visiting Professor,
Beijing Forestry University*

*                                                  Visiting Fellow,
Australian National University*

*Consultant, Global Garden Consulting*

*on Thursday, November 26, 2015*

*2:30-4:00 pm, Escaler Hall*

*Ateneo de Manila University Campus*



Coastal wetlands, as defined by the Ramsar Convention include mangrove
forests in the tropics and saltmarshes in the temperate regions.  These
wetlands are literally (and littorally!) the protectors of the world’s land.
Yet they have a very bad press – the public mostly see them as preventing
access to the sea, and as harbouring a variety of unpleasant wildlife, so
they tend to be treated with disregard or even disdain.  Clearly the need
to develop coastal infrastructure to allow trade is important, but much
more destruction of the wetlands occurs because of infrastructure
development to allow more and more people to live in coastal urban
areas.  Under
conditions of global change all our coastal areas are under some form of
threat from possibly rising seas, certain increase in storm surge, and
definitive changes in hydrological balance from adjacent land-use  Key
questions, then, for the future of these wetland ecosystems is the degree
to which they should be conserved and under what legal regimes; what their
management should be, especially under impacts of Invasive alien species;
the ways and means restoration might be possible and desirable; or whether
these systems are, indeed, simply disposable.  Examples from a range of
locations around the world will be used to illustrate the problems and
possible solutions.
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