[Blueboard] IPC invitation to a VRA lecture by MORGAN MOUTON on "Metro Manila's Energy System in the Face of Urban Change" (Fri., 4 December 2015, 10:30 a.m.-12:00 pm, IPC Conf. Rm. 203)

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*School of Social Sciences*

*Ateneo de Manila University*

cordially invites you to a lecture on




*Morgan Mouton, PhD candidate in Urban Studies*

LATTS / Université Paris-Est

Visiting Research Associate, Institute of Philippine Culture


*Friday, 4 December 2015*

*10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.*

*IPC Conference Room (Rm. 203)*

*2/F Frank Lynch Hall, Social Development Complex*

*Ateneo de Manila University*

*Loyola Heights, Quezon City*


Metro Manila is experiencing a form of *urban change* that transforms its
landscapes and its socio-economic balance. This change encompasses a
variety of phenomena that include the consolidation of middle classes and
its translation in the real-estate market (e.g., condominiums, etc.), the
settling of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms, and the
multiplication of consumer spaces/shopping malls. From the viewpoint of the
energy question, these transformations constitute both a challenge and an
opportunity. On the one hand, middle class households have energy-intensive
lifestyles (e.g., air conditioning), and the firms involved in the new
service-led economy have high expectations when it comes to the reliability
of the electricity network and the tariffs or the quality of service. On
the other hand, these same actors constitute a powerful market for
environmentally friendly technologies (solar panels, LED lighting, "green"
building, etc.), and can help shape a new energy system.

This presentation will first put the emphasis on the actors of this urban
change, and notably on the so-called "middle classes," in order to
underline that this category is very diverse and heterogenous in the
Philippines. As a consequence, the assumption that this population will be
a driver of a process of *modernization *of the energy sector is
considerably weakened. The second argument that this presentation will put
forward is that energy issues are increasingly tackled by private actors,
which raises questions concerning the scope and the depth of the envisioned
changes in the energy system of urban Philippines.

*About the lecturer*

*Morgan Mouton* is pursuing a PhD in urban studies at LATTS / Université
Paris-Est, and is currently an IPC Visiting Research Associate. His
previous work, carried out for his MA thesis, focused on access to
electricity in Metro Manila’s depressed areas within the context of the
post-EPIRA electricity sector.

** For inquiries or confirmation of your attendance, please contact (+63 2)
426-6001 extension 4651 <%28%2B63%202%29%20426-6001%20extension%204651>
local 213, or email us at <ipc.soss at ateneo.edu <ipc.soss at ateneo.edu>>. *


*Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC)*School of Social Sciences
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Ateneo de Manila University
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