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Mon Nov 9 16:05:07 PHT 2015

The Department of Mathematics

invites you to the

*M.S. MATH ED Thesis Defense*


Ray Alvin V. Cantos





Date    :   27 November 2015 (Friday)

Time     :   2:30 pm

Venue  :   SEC-A302

Adviser : Dr. Queena N. Lee-Chua

Panel members:   Dr. Maria Alva Q. Aberin

                                           Ms. Olivia F. Ang

                                            Mr. Anthony R. Zosa


This research explored the effect of receiving immediate correctness
feedback (ICF) during seatwork on students’ test scores in mathematics.
The respondents of the study (N=89-99) were clustered into two groups.
Students who were able to finish their seatwork ahead of time may opt to
receive ICF from the teacher by having their papers checked for errors.
The teacher does not provide the correct answers but only marks the
incorrect answers.  Students who had their papers marked by the teacher and
had incorrect answers belong to the experimental group, or the ICF group
(N=23-48).  On the other hand, students who did not choose to have their
papers checked, or had their papers checked but no incorrect responses were
identified, belong to the non-ICF group (N=45-74).  The average improvement
in test scores of the two groups in six quizzes and three long tests were
compared using one-tailed t-test for independent means at 0.05 significance
level.  The results show that receiving ICF during seatwork had a
significant effect on the improvement of quiz and long tests scores (lowest
p=0.00, average difference=7%).  Measuring the extent of the effect of ICF
to students’ test scores relative to math ability (using previous school
year’s scores) and effort (study time length and quality) was done using
multiple regresson (=0.05).  On average, every ICF received contributes 5%
to student’s score (lowest p=0.00, highest regression coefficient=8.26).
This research concludes that receiving ICF not only helps a student achieve
better math scores but also develop metacognitive skills as supported by
the student responses in the post-study survey.
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