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*Project: *Project Laya Phase 3
*Location: *SDC Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Ave. Quezon
*Position: *Communications and Events Assistant (Part- time)
*Report to: *Project Laya Pillar 4 Head

*Project Description and Objectives:*

Project Laya is technical assistance and capacity building initiative of
the Ateneo School of Government, aimed at improving the anti-corruption and
revenue collection efforts of the Philippine Department of Finance (DOF)
and its affiliated offices.

Its specific objectives are defined under the four pillars consisting of
the following:

1. Enhance the capacity of the legal units of the Department of Finance and
its related agencies to improve the handling and management of revenue
collection and anti-corruption cases, with particular focus on the Run
Against the Smugglers (RATS) unit of Bureau of Customs (BOC) for the
improvement of enforcement actions against fraudulent importations;
2. Enhance the capacity of the Revenue Integrated Protection Service (RIPS)
unit of the DOF to improve enforcement actions against corruption in
customs and revenue administration;
3. Examine and recommend policies and systems in detection and prevention
of corrupt practices in customs administration, particularly concerning
Post Entry Audit (PEA) and the development of the draft bill for the
Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA);
4. Formulate and disseminate strategic messages to improve awareness of,
and enhance support for anti-corruption efforts and reforms in revenue
administration, within the DOF/BOC and the general public.

*Scope of Work:*

The Communications and Events Assistant under the supervision of the Pillar
4 Head will be accountable and responsible for the implementation of
internal and external communication and media related activities required
for all the Project Laya active projects. He/she will assist the Pillar 4
Head in the organization of Project Laya sponsored conferences and events
needing public relations assistance. He/she will undertake the collecting
and dissemination of the necessary information regarding planning,
organizing and proper development of information campaigns.

The Communications and Events Assistant is tasked to run the cited
responsibilities smoothly, but ensuring management quality,
cost-effectiveness and transparency in accordance with Ateneo de Manila
University (AdMU) standards, with a view to position the AdMU as the
reference organization in administering programs of such kind:

I. Under the direction and supervision of Project Laya Pillar 4 Head, this
position is responsible for managing communications and public relations
activities of Project Laya;
II. The Communications and Events Assistant in coordination with Pillar 4
Head provides the DOF with information about the projects and activities
implemented by Project Laya Pillar 4;
III. The Communications and Events Assistant will be responsible to
organize key promotional events and conferences to advance anti-corruption
strategies of Project Laya assisted projects with Department of Finance and
the Bureau of Customs;
IV. He/she will take part in the planning, coordination and preparing of
all events by Project Laya, such as conferences, workshops, meetings,
presentations and the like, contributing to their success;
V. He/she will establish and maintain strong and regular liaison with the
project/program partners, specifically DOF, BOC and heads of Pillars 1 to 3
of Project Laya;
VI. He/she will undertake ongoing communication activities, such as
responding to inquiries, maintaining calendar of events and communications,
mailing lists and evaluating the impact of key communications tools;
VII. He/she will assist the DOF/BOC in developing its existing platforms
for anti-corruption campaigns, such as their websites; and
VIII. He/she will prepare, in a timely manner, focused, highly readable
written materials, ensuring consistent visibility of Project Laya in the
midst of the latter’s stakeholders.


   - University studies, with background on communications and/or legal
   - Ability to organize conferences involving the government,
   non-government organizations, civil society and the similar audiences;
   - Excellent communication skills;
   - Experience in relevant working environment; and
   - Experience in developing websites/ IT knowledge/ Knowledge management.

*Requirements for Application:*
 For interested applicants, please submit:

   - An application letter addressed to: Dr. Antonio G.M. La Viña, Dean of
   Ateneo School of Government and Director of Project Laya;
   - Curriculum Vitae with three professional work references (including
   their emails and contact numbers).

Please submit the required documents via e-mail to hr.asog at gmail.com,
with “*Applicant-
Communications and Events Assistant*” as subject.

Deadline for the submission of applications is on 15 June 2015.

Dionie J. Salamat
Ateneo School of Government
Tel: 426.6001 loc 4624
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