[Blueboard] Call for Research Participants: “Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of the Temporary Mobility of People”

Karen Anne S. Liao kliao at ateneo.edu
Mon May 11 10:58:33 PHT 2015

*The project*

The Philippines is part of a multi-country research project called
“Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of
the Temporary Mobility of People” (EURA-NET). Behind this project is an
international research consortium which is coordinated by the team of Dr.
Pirkko Pitkanen of the University of Tampere, Finland. In the Philippines,
the project is implemented by the Scalabrini Migration Center (

EURA-NET is funded by the European Union for the period 2014-2017. The
project investigates people’s temporary transnational migration between
Asia and Europe. The project is interested in migrants’ and their family
members’ international practices and experiences of transnational mobility.
In addition, the project examines official policies in regard to people’s
temporary transnational mobility in the European-Asian context. Interviews
will be conducted in China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, the
Netherlands, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine. The research
findings will be published in scientific articles, online publications and
reports addressed to policymakers.

More details about the project are available at : http://www.uta.fi/eura-net

*Key informants*

We are now in the data collection stage which involves interviewing the
following: (1) Europeans who are in the Philippines for various reasons (as
tourists, volunteers, investors, and work assignment among others); (2)
Filipinos who were temporary migrants in Europe and who had returned to the
Philippines in the last five years; and (3) family members/friends of
European or Filipino migrants (i.e., non-migrants).

*The interview*

The interview will be about your international migration experiences.  It
will last for about an hour. Participation in the research is completely
voluntary. All information that will be shared with us will be kept
confidential: names or personal details will never be revealed. The
interview materials will be carefully stored so that no outsiders except
the project researchers have access to it.

*Contact details*
Those interested to participate in the study may contact:

Marla Asis, Ph.D.
Director for Research and Publications, Scalabrini Migration Center
(tel: 4367690; mobile: 09194588147; e-mail: marla at smc.org.ph)

Karen Anne Liao, M.A.
Research Associate, Scalabrini Migration Center
Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology / Communication, Ateneo
de Manila University
(mobile: 09178715934; e-mail: karliao.86 at gmail.com, kliao at ateneo.edu)
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