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The following Job Vacancies will be under the Category A of the Employee
Referral Program


Associate Principal for Student Affairs (APSA)


Under the direct supervision of the APSA Director, the Office Staff V
performs tasks supportive of office operations in connection with the
absences and tardiness of students and ID production.

*Job Description:*

     I.        Monitors Attendance & Punctuality of Students

·         Daily

o   Records/monitors tardiness of students who were late in between
classes, who were sent out, who went to the infirmary, etc.

o   Lists/notes students who are late in front of the Administration
Building every morning until the end of the Reflection Period.

o   Records absences and tardiness of students in the ASRS based on the
Beadle's Report.

o   Updates the Attendance Monitoring System (AMS)

o   Sends call slips / gives sanctions to beadles who do not submit
Beadle's Reports; to students who do not submit excuse letters after
absence; to students who have reached maximum levels of tardiness

o   Prepares and sends pro forma warning letter to parents through students
who have reached 5 number of tardiness.

o   Prepares suspension letter to students who have reached 15 number of

·         During exams

o   Prepares class lists for attendance reports, marks those exempted, and
forwards these to the Office of the Secretariat.

o   Collects attendance reports during exams.

o   Prepares report of absences and forwards this to APAA, Office of the
Department Chairpersons, Cashier, and posts a copy on the Faculty Bulletin

·         Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Attendance Reports

o   Prepares monthly attendance reports to the Prefects and APSA Office

o   Prepares attendance report every grading period through the ASRS

o   Prepares absentee reports and permit to leave the campus to be
submitted to OSA and to the CAT commandant on a weekly basis

o   Prepares statistics regarding absences and tardiness of students

   II.        ID Production

·         Students

o   Takes pictures during registration

o   Operates the ID maker ID NOW PROGRAM and prints out IDs

o   Produces ID for replacements and for Murphy's Walk Pass for members of
the AHS and University following given guidelines.

·         Faculty & Staff

o   Takes pictures and captures signatures of faculty and staff

o   Assists in the production of Faculty and Staff IDs.

o   Coordinates production of Faculty IDs with the Office of Human
Resources Management and Organization Development

·         Other IDs

o   Produces visitors' ID, Ushers' ID, Murphy's Walk ID and parking permit
upon the approval of the Associate Principal for Student Affairs.

o   Takes picture/produces IDs for PUSH officers for all year levels upon
the approval of the Associate Principal for Student Affairs.

o  Takes pictures and captures signatures of org moderators, coaches and
sends to Office of Human Resource Management and Organization Development
for their IDs.

 III.        ID Maintenance & Reports

·  Coordinates with the programmer regarding ID NOW PROGRAM if problem
arises and also monitors ID supplies and materials.

·   Makes/produces summary reports on ID replacement, Murphys Walk Pass,
Parking Permits and PUSH ID for budget purposes.

  IV.        Support to the High School Community

·   Produces class pictures for all year levels for file, moderators, and
subject teachers upon the approval of the Associate Principal for Student

·  Produces faculty pictures individually or by department for file,
administrators, department chairpersons, and other requests for official
use upon the approval of the Associate Principal for Student Affairs.

·    Produces/sends students' pictures to the PUSH class representative by
section for class directory upon the approval of the Associate Principal
for Student Affairs.

·    Provides/sends pictures (hard and soft copy of team players to
University Athletics office.

·   Produces name tags of contractual office and maintenance staff OJT
students c/o Testing office and also name tags of new faculty upon the
approval of the Associate Principal for Student Affairs.

    V.        Support to the Department

·    Issues/signs admit to class, sent-out, infirmary, request for new ID,
and other slips

·    Identifies and assists returning students who need to be cleared first
by the Infirmary before being allowed to join classes.

·   Handles requests to leave campus before dismissal time by calling up
parents and issuing Permit to Leave Campus forms

·   Receives excuse letters from students absent from class the previous
day and files it in individual Disciplinary Record folders.

·    Checks specimen signatures when necessary

·    Assists in paging teachers

·    Makes/receives phone calls

·  Attends to needs of faculty, students and visitors concerning APSA

·    Monitors and makes requisitions for production of various office forms.

·    Receives, classifies, collates and summarizes documents related to
Food Services and Health Services

  VI.      Performs other functions that may be assigned by the Associate
Principal for Student Affairs from time to time.


·         College Graduate

·         3 years of related work experience

·         Knowledge in operating ID maker machine is an advantage

·         Very good written and oral communication skills

·         Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

·         Knowledge of online communication

·         Knowledge of video and photo documentation

·         Ability to coordinate and maintain cooperative relationship with
different departments and offices


Facilities Management and Security Office (FMSO)


Ang Maintenance Staff II na posisyon ay nagpapanatili ng kalinisan at
kaayusan sa lugar na nakatalaga sa kanya

*Job Description:*

1.   Pinananatili niyang malinis at maayos and lugar na nakatalaga sa
kanya:  Kabilang na rito and mga pasilyo, bubong, alulod, banyo at mga
lugar na nakapaligid dito.

2.   Tinitiyak niyang nasa mabuting lagay at ayos ang lahat ng mga bagay na
may kinalaman sa kuryente at tubo.

3.   Ipinagbibigay-alam niya sa kanyang pinuno ang anumang sirang bagay sa
lugar na nakatalaga sa kanya.

4.   Sinisiyasat niya ang mga tubong patuluan ng mga dumi, atbp. sa kanyang
lugar at ipinagbibigay  alam niya sa pinuno ang anumang sira na makikita

5.   Palagi niyang sinisiyasat ang mga silya, mesa, dingding at iba pang
gamit o fasilidad sa lugar na nakatalaga sa kanya at ipinagbibigay-alam
niya sa awtoridad kung may nawawalang bagay o vandalism na nangyari.

6.  Sinisiguro niya na patay ang mga ilaw, ceiling fans, air conditioners o
anumang mga bagay na de-kuryente kung walang gumagamit at nakakandado ang
mga pinto bago siya umuwi.

*7. *Tumutulong siya sa pagbabantay o seguridad ng mga gamit at kasangkapan
sa mga lugar na nakatalaga sa kanya.

8.  Tumutulong siya sa paghahanda o paglalagay ng mga gamit sa mga akmang
lugar tuwing may malakihang pagdiriwang ang paaraalan, mga year levels o
mga departamento.

9.  Ginagawa niya ang iba pang gawain na iniataatas sa kanya tungo sa
maayos na pagpapatakbo ng paaralan.


·         High School Graduate

·         May 1-2 taong karanasan sa pagtratrabaho

·         May kaalaman at karanasan sa paglilinis at pagpapanatili ng
kaayusan ng isang lugar

·         Masipag, maagap at mapagkakatiwalaan

·         Kaalaman sa pagkukumpuni ng tubo at kuryente ay kalamangan

*Interested employee must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor/unit head indicating:*

*1.    **what you can contribute to the position.*

*2.    **why you want to apply for the position.*

*3.    **why you are qualified for the position.*

*The endorsed letter of intent attached with the employees updated resume
must be submitted on or before 18 May 2015.*

*Christine L. Velasco*

*HR Officer I*

*Workforce Planning and Capability Development*

*          Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
Development *

*OHRMOD - Care, service and solutions @ work*

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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