[Blueboard] Our condolences to Dr. Cristina Montiel

Maria Regina M. Hechanova rhechanova at ateneo.edu
Wed May 6 21:49:56 PHT 2015

The Psychology Department is requesting prayers for the soul of Dr. Fortunato Jayme, who joined our creator last May 3.  Dr. Jayme is the father of Dr. Cristina Jayme Montiel.

His remains lie in state in the Loyola Memorial Chapel in Guadalupe. Interment will be on May 7 after the 9 am mass. 

Heavenly Father, receive thy child in Thy loving and peaceful embrace. Grant unto his eternal rest and Thy perpetual light. These we ask in
Jesus' name. Amen

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova, PhD
Professor & Chair, AdMU Department of Psychology

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