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6 May 2015

For        :   Willing alumni/other members of the Ateneo de Manila

>From     :   Jaime G. Hofileña
                 Vice President for Social Development

Subject  :   Madaris Volunteer Teachers Program

For the consideration of all willing and qualified members of the
University community seeking significant channels for *amare et servire
Domino *in Mindanao.

Forwarded below is a call addressed to "people who want to work for social
justice, and interreligious and intercultural dialogues, while living in
the Bangsamoro communities with host families" to serve *as volunteer
teachers in **selected madaris (Islamic schools - singular: madrasa) in
Bangsamoro communities *over a period of 10 months.

Would-be volunteers are asked to teach DepEd-mandated programs in such
schools located in Filipino Muslim communities in Bangsamoro areas, and to
eventually share their personal experiences for the promotion and increase
of "insight into, understanding of, and solidarity with Filipino Muslim
individuals, families and communities."

This voluntary service program is sponsored by the Catholic Educational
Association of the Philippines, of which the University is a member. The
dissemination of this call to qualified alumni of the University is also
made as part of the University's participation in the fulfillment of the
Mindanao Conversations Agenda of the Philippine Jesuit Province.

Qualifications of volunteers and other particulars of the program may be
gleaned from the message below as well as from online information which may
be accessed by clicking on the link provided. You may also contact Ms.
Ayessa Velasquez of the Ateneo de Davao University (Volunteer Support
Officer) through her contact particulars also indicated in the message


Dear Friends:

Peace! *Sallam!*

In its pursuit of long-lasting peace in Mindanao and a new environment of
shared learning, respect and cooperation between and among Bangsamoro
schools and non-Muslim schools, the Catholic Educational Association of the
Philippines (CEAP) approved the Madaris Volunteer Teachers Program (MVTP)
in its 22 April 2014 Board Meeting.

The Madaris Volunteer Teachers Program (MVTP) is a 10-month volunteer
service program. It is for people who want to work for social justice, and
interreligious and intercultural dialogues, while living in the Bangsamoro
communities with host families. Volunteers will be acting as assistant
teachers in selected madaris (Islamic schools) and sharing their personal
experience of Muslim homes and communities to promote and increase insight
into, understanding of, and solidarity with Filipino Muslim individuals,
families and communities.

This program is also under the Mindanao Conversation Agenda with resolution
no. 2014-006: "RESOLVED, that on the basis of the discussion on Action
Point no. 7 (Advocating for Cultural Transformation and Regeneration in
Mindanao), the Executive Committee hereby approves the further exploration
of the teacher volunteer program of the Catholic Educational Association of
the Philippines and National Association of Bangsamoro Education, Inc.

In this context, we would like to *solicit support of this volunteer
service program by helping us in disseminating the call for volunteers in
your institution.*

The program details and registration for applicants may be viewed at
www.teachmadaris.org .

MVTP welcomes applications from persons who are 21 or older and who are
self-motivated, mature, and stable. Volunteers should want to grow in the
areas of spirituality, social justice, interreligious and intercultural
dialogues, and peace works. Volunteers often find themselves in new and
unexpected situations, so flexibility, eros for service, openness to other
cultures, and willingness to live in Muslim-conservative communities, are

While the program is sponsored by CEAP, it will be teaching DepEd-mandated
programs, and is a privileged opportunity to introduce its volunteers to a
personal experience of Muslim culture in a Muslim community.  It does not
discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, culture or creed.

Because of the nature of the service and community life, applicants are
requested to be in good physical and emotional health.

The MVTP supports its volunteers through the following:

*Training. *Volunteers are given the proper orientation and basic training
to develop skills that will allow them to effectively work as assistant
teachers in Bangsamoro madaris (Islamic schools) as well as in the
facilitation of interreligous and intercultural dialogues.

*Formation.* A dedicated formation staff from the Arrupe Office of Social
Formation and the Al Qalam Institute (Ateneo de Davao) run the seminars and
serve as mentors and formators while program officers attend to the
formation and program concerns on a full-time basis, conducting area visits
at least twice a year.

*Financial Needs. *Volunteers are provided with a monthly allowance to
cover basic needs. Simple board and lodging are provided by host families
in the communities. Travel costs to and from the areas of assignment and
the various seminars are covered by the MVTP.

*Ensuring Safety and Security. *Prior to the matching of volunteers to
their communities, MVTP ensures the safety of the area of assignment by
conducting a thorough social investigation that includes site visits and
extensive consultations with the madaris, local government units, and
government security services.

For more details you may contact Ms Ayessa Velasquez at
ayessavelasquez at gmail.com or (+63) 9175132280.

Thank you and God bless!


Vinci Bueza
Ateneo de Davao University
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