[Blueboard] West Valley Fault Safety Measures

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              1 June 2015

Memo to         :           The University Community

Subject            :           West Valley Fault Safety Measures

In an earlier statement dated 18 October 2013 (
I informed the community of the Phivolcs study on the West Valley Fault
(WVF) and the actions we were taking to ensure everyone’s safety. Among
these was the conduct of structural audit and geological testing of the
buildings closest to the WVF, done by certified structural consultants from
March 2014 to May 2015.

The recommendation of the structural consultants is for us to retrofit 3
buildings in the Grade School complex (David Hall, Fermin Hall and Pacquing
Hall), in accordance with the 2010 National Structural Code of the
Philippines (6th edition).

Following these recommendations and the recent pronouncements by DepEd on
the West Valley Fault, we will commence soonest the retrofitting process of
these buildings to ensure their structural integrity. The occupants of
these buildings shall be temporarily relocated to various areas on campus,
and provided with pre-fabricated modular air-conditioned classrooms as
needed, while retrofitting the buildings is being done. Some offices will
be temporarily relocated, likewise.

After conferring with the units concerned, my decision is for classes in
Junior High School (Grades 7 and 8) to start on 15 June 2015, while those
in the Grade School (Grades 3 to 6) to start on 3 August 2015. Classes in
Grades 1 and 2 will proceed as scheduled since these are not affected by
the retrofitting of the buildings.

The units concerned have prepared detailed plans to ensure that classes can
continue in spite of the possible inconvenience that their temporary
displacement may cause. The school units will communicate these plans to
the students, faculty, non-teaching staff, and parents of our students.
Moreover, we shall continue to run our regular emergency drills, albeit
more frequently, for our younger boys in the Grade School and Junior High

As we have been doing for several years now, we shall keep working to
streamline and integrate disaster risk education as part of our strategic
thrust on environment and development, not just for our own but for our
country as well.

I would like to assure the university community that more stringent
precautionary measures are being undertaken to mitigate the risks posed by
the WVF. Even as we do so, we never forget to turn to our Lord who
continues to call and challenge us to protect one another and to become
more active stewards of this finite world that has been entrusted to us.


Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ

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