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*Project Discipline Formator (Sanctions Monitoring)*

*Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs *

*Loyola Schools*

*Job Summary:*

Under the supervision the Assistant to the ADSA for Formation, the
Discipline Formator oversees of implementation sanctions of discipline
cases using the Restorative Approach and formation to Disciplining students.

*Job Responsibilities*:

1.      *Formative Discipline *

   - Coordinates with the Student Affairs Professional (*Pre-Hearing*) for
   case processing and turn-over
   - Oversees the disciplinary sanctions after the receipt of the verdict
   from the ADSA/VPLS, attending to the following processes:
      1. Assignment of and referral to community service venues
      2. Coordination with partner agencies and liaison officers
      3. Scheduling of suspensions
      4. Formulation of letters
      5. Referrals for formation sessions
      6. Receipt of queries and addressing of related concerns of students
      and agencies
      7. Spot checks
      8. Submission of apology letters, reflection papers etc.
   - Assists, supports and accompanies the student in the fulfilment of the
   disciplinary sanction phase, with the following usual contact points:
      1. Release of Sanction
      2. Assignment of Community Service
      3. Carrying out the Community Service
      4. Monitoring of disciplinary probation
      5. Processing of experience (upon completion of sanctions)
      6. Final clearance
   - Oversees off-campus, regional community services

2.      *Coordination and Partnerships *

   - Coordinates with the Loyola Schools committees and offices for the
   sanctions and necessary referrals.
   - Explores community service tie-ups with institutions outside of the
   Loyola Schools.
   - Explores avenues for the further expansion and development of
   community service as a formative venue.
   - Maintains ties and works with partner institutions regarding the
   continuing development of service initiatives and evaluation of cases
   referred to them.

3.      *Documentation*

   - Chronicles progress of sanctions fulfillment
   - Composes a mid-year and year-end report of the cases handled,
   including the formative results of disciplinary sanctions.
   - Updates the ADSA-AISIS system, especially in relation to sanctions

4.       Performs other duties as may be assigned by the immediate

*Interested applicants must submit the following:*

 *I.*        *Letter of intent addressed to HR Head, duly endorsed by your
supervisor, indicating...*

·         *why you want to apply for the position?*

·         *why you think you are qualified for the position?*

·         *what you can contribute to the office if you were hired in this

    *II.*        *Letter of Recommendation from your immediate supervisor
(see attached template).*

* The above stated documents, along with your updated resume must be
submitted on or before 8 June 2015 to:*

         Mrs. Mila R. Sandoval

         HR Officer II

         Workforce Planning and Capability Development

         Office of Human Resource Management and Organization Development


*OHRMOD - Care, service and solutions @ work*

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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