[Blueboard] International Communication Lecturer to Speak On the Use of Photos as a Cultural Minority Voice

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Thu Aug 27 14:10:59 PHT 2015

​International communication lecturer Dr. Jason Vincent Cabañes will
deliver a lecture on the use of photography as a cultural minority voice.
Cabañes is an alumnus and a former member of the faculty of the Department
of Communication.

Cabañes' lecture, entitled THE IMAGE AS INTERRUPTION: Photography and
Cultural Minority Voices, will be held on September 4, Friday, 4:30-6:00 pm
at the Lopez Center Studio, 3rd Floor Social Sciences Building.

"This presentation develops a framework for assessing photography as a
platform for cultural minority voices.  It specifically talks about how
photography might mediate these voices along two lines: via the properties
of the photographic medium and via the practices surrounding the
photographic medium.  In so doing, this presentation contributes to a
nuanced account of the possibilities and pitfalls of the image as a form of
"interruption" (Pincchevsky, 2005), as a way of spurring greater
reflexivity about the Philippines multicultural character."

Cabañes is currently Lecturer in International Communication at the
University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.
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