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The Ateneo Center for Asian Studies (ACAS) and the Southeast Asian Studies
Program (SEASP) of the School of Social Sciences cordially invite everyone
to a round table discussion on Malaysian politics entitled "*Whither
Malaysian Democratic Movement? An Update & *​*Discussion on *
*Malaysian Politics"* on Monday, 24 August 2015, 4:30 - 6:00 PM at Leong
Hall 407.


Malaysian politics has always been seen with
​in the​
 framework of ethnic politics. Many commentators subscribe to its
principles of
to comprehend the limits of its democratic struggles. The aftermath of 1997
Asian Financial Crisis has brought to the
​fore fundamental ​

​in the​
Malaysian political landscape. The
me more evident in
​the ​
2008 general election
in for the first time in Malaysian political history, the government-led
coalition party,
​the ​
​arisan Nasional
​or ​
National Front) lost four states to the newly established opposition
coalition, P
​artai ​Rakyat
​or ​
People’s Coalition). This broke the political dominancy of the BN and led
many to believe would
​this failure would ​
bring a
​bout a
​political ​
​, and hopefully
further democratization.

Recent political events in Malaysia
​however ​
brought uncertainty
​to ​
the two-party system
​in the light of the
​'s consolidation of power.​
 The collapse of opposition coalition; the imprisonment of its de facto
leader, the former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim; the intra-party
conflict within BN especially UMNO (United Malay National Organization)
caused by the dissatisfaction of party members
n the
​aftermath of the ​
1MDB scandal followed
 the dismissal of its
​charismatic ​
deputy PM; the sudden replacement of the Attorney-General; the reshuffling
of the
abinet that impaired the Public Accounts Committee’s investigation on the
1MDB scandal; are signs of political
​great ​
uncertainty in Malaysian politics
​ and its future​

This talk
from the model of ethnic politics
​ and​
 hopes to provide the audience the political
 the change
​the frame of ​
ethnic politics to
good governance and democratic movements. The talk p
an update on current political events and raises the question o
the sustainability o
​r future of the current political system.

​*About the speaker:*

​Dr. ​
Soon Chuan Yean
​ is currently a Visiting Fellow of ACAS. He is Senior Lecturer at the
Faculty of Political Science, ​
School of Social Sciences
​, ​
Universiti Sains Malaysia
​ in Penang. ​He received his Masters degree from Uppsala in Sweden and his
doctorate from the National University of Singapore under the tutelage of
renowned Filipino scholar Prof. Reynaldo C. Ileto. Dr. Soon is currently
doing research on agrarian issues in Tanauan, Batangas.

A simple merienda shall be served.
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