[Blueboard] Dissertation Defense of Mr. Mark Anthony C. Tolentino

Corazon K. Alvarado calvarado at ateneo.edu
Mon Aug 10 14:21:48 PHT 2015

The Department of Mathematics
School of Science and Engineering

invites you to the PhD Thesis Defense of

*Mr. Mark Anthony C. Tolentino*

*Title*: On the Lifespan of Solutions to Nonlinear Cauchy Problems with
Small Analytic Data

Date:  August 22, 2015, Saturday
Time:  10:00 am
Venue:  SEC-A303

Adviser:  Emmanuel A. Cabral, Ph.D.

Flordeliza F. Francisco, Ph.D. (AdMU)
Jose Ernie C. Lope, Ph.D. (UP-Diliman)
Job A. Nable, Ph.D. (AdMU)
Adrian Roy L. Valdez, Ph.D. (UP-Diliman)

The paper studies the lifespan of solutions to Cauchy problems involving
nonlinear analytic partial differential equations with small analytic
data.  It is proved that the lifespan of the solution becomes longer as the
initial data become smaller.  The dependence of the lifespan on the
smallness of the data can be sharply described by a particular property of
the equation.
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