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Mon Aug 10 14:16:57 PHT 2015

The Department of Mathematics
School of Science and Engineering

invites you to the MS Mathematics Thesis Defense of

*Mr. Victor Andrew A. Antonio*

*Title*: Dynamics of Water Waves Approaching Barriers: A Qualitative and
Quantitative Approach

Date:  15 August 2015, Saturday
Time:  9:00 am
Venue:  SEC-A304

Emmanuel A. Cabral, Ph.D.
Richard B. Eden, Ph.D.
Elvira P. De Lara-Tuprio, Ph.D.
Winfer C. Tabares

Storm surges and tsunamis are usually identified as specific nonlinear
waves called solitons,  Solitons are nonlinear solutions to a certain class
of partial differential equations, specifically, the Korteweg de Vries and
the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation.  A preliminary goal of this work is to
derive those equations.  Moreover, the derivation of the latter equation
will give insight and the necessary transition on the approach to study
storm surges.  The first part of the main discussion delves on the
generation of nonlinear waves, based on a study by Kartashuva and Shugan.
The next part of the discussion looks into how the wave can be terminated
through a barrier.  That is, it will deal with the re-evaluation and
modification of a model that will determine the behavior of incoming waves
when it hits the vegetation fields.  Specifically, we will use mangrove
forests as the means to attenuate wave energy.  Mendez and Losada provided
a model for wave dissipation due to L. hyperborea kelp beds.  This serves
to elaborate on their analysis, and extend their method to determine a
similar formulation for mangrove forests.
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