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*ITU Kaleidoscope 2015*

*Trust in the Information Society*

The 7th ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference

9-11 December 2015, Barcelona, Spain

*Call for Papers*

2nd issue

*Deadline:* *6 July 2015*

*Kaleidoscope 2015: Trust in the Information Society* is the seventh in a
series of peer-reviewed academic conferences organized by ITU to bring
together a wide range of views from universities, industry and research
institutions. The aim of the Kaleidoscope conferences is to identify
emerging developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs)
and, in particular, areas in need of international standards to aid the
healthy development of the Information Society.

The ‘Connect 2020’ framework embedded in ITU’s Strategic Plan elaborates a
guiding vision for the future development of the Information Society,
focusing on inclusive and sustainable growth of the ICT ecosystem.

*Kaleidoscope 2015: Trust in the Information Society *will analyze means of
building information infrastructures deserving our trust. The event will
highlight ideas and research that will help ensure the Information
Society’s growth in inclusivity and sustainability thanks to its trusted

ICT is the common thread tying together all walks of life. It is at the
heart of innovation in areas as diverse as energy management,
transportation, healthcare, education and financial services, and
‘always-on’ network access has been a welcome driver of economic growth and
social development. The ICT ecosystem has become a facility we can no
longer do without, making it essential to ensure that users of ICTs may
trust in the Information Society.

Concerns continue to grow around what has been dubbed the “darker side” of
the Information Society. All industry sectors are expected to deploy
technologies under the banner of IoT, and the interconnection of all types
of objects – from vehicles to streetlights and household appliances – gives
rise to unprecedented implications for data security, the reliability of
critical infrastructure and the privacy and safety of the world’s citizens.
Given the borderless nature of the network, addressing concerns around
security is not only a national priority; it is inherently global.

A more comprehensive approach to security is required, taken in a view of
the entire digital ecosystem. Kaleidoscope 2015 will provide a platform to
analyze the notion of “trust” in the ICT context as well as innovations
embedding trust into ICT ecosystems and infrastructures to bring greater
certainty, confidence and predictability to our interactions within the
Information Society.

*Kaleidoscope 2015: Trust in the Information Society *calls for original
research papers offering bold, innovative approaches to the research into
and development of standardized platforms for the benefit of all, in
particular underserved communities and citizens of developing countries. A
key point will be the identification of the main challenges still to be
addressed to develop standards supporting the development of trustworthy
information infrastructures.

The 2015 edition of Kaleidoscope will contribute to the celebration of
ITU’s 150th anniversary, which will be a tribute to the extraordinary
innovation of the global ICT community. The story of ITU is one of
international cooperation among governments, industry players, civil
society, academia and research institutes. ITU has a proud history as a key
platform for the international community to bring cohesion to innovation in
the ICT sector, and Kaleidoscope 2015 will celebrate academia’s immense
contribution in service of ITU’s mission to ‘Connect the World’.


Kaleidoscope 2015 targets specialists in the fields of ICT and
socio-economic development, including researchers, academics, students,
engineers, policymakers, regulators, innovators and futurists.

*Date and venue*

9-11 December 2015, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

*Submission of papers*

Prospective authors from ITU Member States are invited to submit full,
original papers with a maximum length of 4,500 words. The submission should
be within eight pages, including a summary and references, using the
template available on the event website. All papers will go through a
double-blind peer-review process. Submission must be made electronically;
see http://itu.int/go/K-2015 for more details on online submission (EDAS).
Paper proposals will be evaluated according to content, originality,
clarity, relevance to the conference’s theme and, in particular,*significance
to future standards*.


Submission of full paper proposals: *6 July 2015*

Notification of paper acceptance: *18 September 2015*

Submission of camera-ready accepted papers: *9 October 2015*

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