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This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program


*Ateneo School of Medicine & Public Health (ASMPH)*


Under the supervision of the ASMPH Assistant Registrar and the Associate
Dean for Academic Affairs, the Admissions &Registration Officer provides
support in registration, records & documents management function; and
serves as resource person for the whole student recruitment and admissions

*Job Description:*

I.                    Registrar Function

A.      Registration Process

1.       Assists course scheduler by way of coordinating with academic
departments for:

·         Completion of course offerings

·         Ensuring adequate classes offered based on student demand

·         Non-conflicting schedules or no double booking of classrooms

2.       Assesses students’ eligibility for enrollment *(see I.B. for more

·         Based on updated grade reports

·         Used as basis for an updated registration master list

·         In consideration of requests for reinstatement and/or extension
and evaluation of credentials

3.       Ensures required documents such as, but not limited to Personal
Information Data Sheets, credentials, load revision forms, cross-enrollment
forms, etc., are complete and submitted prior to…

·         Release of registration forms

·         Activation online of students’ account

4.       Responsible for cross-checking enrollment lists against
registration forms

·         Performs other special requirements such as enlisting late
enrollees and assisting in encoding changes/irregular enlistment

5.       Coordinates with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the
management of hold orders, tuition fee payments and documentary requirements

6.       Coordinates with various admin to ensure the working condition of
necessary personnel, systems, infrastructure (computers, power, cash
register, etc) during enrollment

B.      Student Evaluation

1.       Determines correctness of curricular versions applicable to each

2.       Conducts thorough assessment of credentials to ensure enrollment
eligibility by:

·         Analyzing educational history of students – especially those who
attended several schools

·         Ensuring proper sequencing and transfer of credentials

·         Checking sufficiency and validity of credentials – i.e. degree/s
conferred, date/s of conferment, special order number or certificate of
deregulation or exemption, etc. (for local students)

·         Checking sufficiency of credentials (academic & immigration)
submitted by each admitted student which includes thorough analysis and
examination of documents since foreign credentials originate from diverse
education systems (for foreign students)

3.       Attends to requests on overload and notifies students to complete
their academic and non-academic deficiencies

4.       Checks requests for substitution/validation of subjects, transfer
of credits prior to the approval of the Assistant Registrar

5.       Monitors accomplishment of academic requirements needed to
undertake Comprehensive Examinations, Oral Defense of Thesis/Dissertation,
and graduation

6.       Prepares list of candidates for graduation before every end of
school year in coordination with the Office of the Dean; and Prepares,
checks, distributes diplomas for graduating students

C.      Records Management

1.       Ensures students’ records are complete, up-to-date, and
systematically maintained to facilitate quick reference for various
services and parts of the whole registration process:

·         Efficient response to specific request for specific documents

·         Maintenance of accurate records and preparation of lists, and/or
analysis reports

·         Accurate evaluation of students’ academic status

·         Changes in students’ advisement

2.       Works in close coordination with the different departments in:

·         Deriving Departments’ standards of retention and monitoring/
updating with a generated list of students with academic requirements to

·         Resolving problematic cases through proper and timely
communication (written or verbally) that verifies, clarifies, or confirms
academic records

·         Monitoring and generating a list of students with indefinite and
/or special academic requirements to fulfill upon admission, communicating
their completion, and securing Department’s endorsements or confirmation of
students’ new status

·         Maintaining a system to ensure the timely submission of grades

D.     Document Requests

1.       Processes requests for or inquiries on registration information,
guidelines, procedures, and/or documents

§  Processes applications, withdrawals, leave of absence, change of grade,

§  Issues official transcript of records, diplomas, certificates of
graduation and the certified translation of the diploma;

§  Initiates correspondences/memos and forms pertaining to processing of
scholastic documents

2.       Monitors the stability and integrity of student database by
ensuring accurate and up-to-date data are encoded into the system

3.       Coordinates schedule of release of documents with the relevant
stakeholders (e.g. faculty, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, etc)

II.                  Student Recruitment and Admissions Function

A.      Serves as main point person administering student recruitment and
admissions process

B.      Oversees the logistical and coordination requirements of the
Admissions Committee and Admissions Council

C.      Oversees the logistics and coordination of student recruitment,
such as but not limited to:

1.       Designing student recruitment collaterals and audio-visual

2.       Establishing contacts and relationships with potential feeder
schools of ASMPH towards a longer-lasting partnership

D.     Oversees the logistics and coordination of student application,
admissions, and enrollment with various stakeholders

E.      Assists in the performance planning, review, evaluation, and
development of the ASMPH Admissions function that will improve the team’s
efficiency and service level to the community

F.       Drafts correspondences, memos, and forms pertaining to the
Admissions function

III.               Performs other duties and responsibilities as may be
deemed necessary


·         College graduate

·         At least 3 years work experience

·         Experience in an academic setting is an advantage

·         Experience working in an Admissions or Registrars Office is an

·         Information, records, and documents management

·         Computer savvy, must be quick to learn/adapt information
management systems

·         Ability to balance and work on multiple projects within the same

·         Excellent interpersonal, consultative, networking, and public
relations skills

·         Critical thinking and systems thinking

·         Self-management/self-development, can work without supervision

·         Systematic, organized, and attentive to details

Interested employee must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor/unit head indicating:

1.       What you can contribute to the position?

2.       Why you want to apply for the position?

3.       Why you are qualified for the position?

The endorsed letter of intent attached with the employees updated resume
must be submitted on or before 24 April 2015.

Christine L. Velasco

HR Officer I

Workforce Planning and Capability Development

                Office of Human Resource Management and Organization

*OHRMOD - Care, service and solutions @ work*

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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