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The following Job Vacancies will be under the Category A of the Employee
Referral Program

*Campus Minister I*

*Campus Ministry Office (CMO), Loyola Schools*

*Job Summary:*

Under the supervision of Campus Ministry Office (CMO) Director, the Campus
Minister I plans, conducts, coordinates, and evaluates the different
spiritual and formation activities of the CMO.

*Duties & Responsibilities*

     1.   Implementing Spiritual Activities or Providing Spiritual
Perspectives in one

          of  the following programs:

a.  First Year students – Freshmen & Introduction to Ateneo Culture &
Tradition (InTACT)

b.  Second Year students – Sophomores & National Service Training Program

c.    Third Year students – Juniors & Junior Engagement Program (JEEP)

d.    Fourth Year students – Seniors & Senior Integration Program (SIP)

      2.   Planning for Campus Ministry Formation Activities

·    Together with the CMO Director, annually plans for the CMO’s formation
programs and activities, and prepares the budget and reports needed.

·    Conceptualizes and develops modules and other training materials
relevant to the formation programs and activities of Campus Ministry.

·    Participates in the planning, implementing and evaluating the
different Campus Ministry activities and programs.

·    Prepares reports for the mid-year and year-end evaluation and planning
seminar of the office and other documents that may be required.

 3.   Conducting Spiritual and Formation Activities

·      Facilitates prayer sessions, recollections and retreats of students.

·      Provides consultations, counseling and spiritual accompaniment.

·      Acts as moderator/adviser to different LS student organizations,
upon request and upon approval of the Director.

·     Organizes talks, seminars, workshops, fora requested from the Campus
Ministry Office

4.   Collaborating and Coordinating with Other Stakeholders

·    Collaborates with LS offices for an integrated formation program.

·    Coordinates with speakers, facilitators, priests and participants for
the formation program.

5.      Performs other tasks assigned by the Director of Campus Ministry


1.  Bachelor’s degree in Spirituality and Retreat Direction, Pastoral
Ministry, Religious Education or Theological Studies; Masteral units is an

2. Specialized Courses/Training related to Campus Ministry, Youth Ministry
or Spiritual Formation

3.  3–5 years of relevant work experience in Parish/Pastoral Work (with the
Youth, Family Ministry, etc.), teaching, and doing administrative work

4.   Experience and exposure in conducting:

·   Campus Ministry and Spiritual Formation Programs

·   Recollection & Retreat

·   5- or 8-day retreat

5.   Has musical talent, an advantage

6.  Has strong facilitation and communication skills

7.  Adept in counseling and spiritual accompaniment

8.  Has planning and organization skills, which includes budgeting

*Student Affairs Professional I (6)*

*Office for Social Concern & Involvement*

*        Loyola Schools*

*Job Summary:*

Under the supervision of Office for Social Concern & Involvement (OSCI)
Director, the Student Affairs Professional I assists the students in their
formation and development in the socio-cultural-political-spiritual

The major technical functions are:


 *Networking with Internal Stakeholders*

·         Coordinates OSCI programs with relevant academic departments and
offices in the

  Loyola Schools

·         Coordinates with faculty, team members, and other stakeholders
for OSCI programs and professional development

·         Coordinates with the COA and the Sanggunian regarding program
related concerns

   - Represents OSCI in school activities as deemed necessary by the

*Networking with External Stakeholders*

·         Coordinates with government and non-government organizations and
agencies, people’s organizations, parishes, and

·         Conducts social investigation, planning, monitoring, feedback
sessions and evaluation with external stakeholders (partner institutions,
organizations, communities, JODAs)

·         Represents OSCI or the Ateneo de Manila University in conferences
as deemed necessary by the Director


 *Designing OSCI Programs*

   - Participates in OSCI program planning and evaluation

·         Participates in OSCI committee’s organizational or program

·         Conceptualizes and designs training and formation modules of the

 *Conducting Formation and Mentoring Programs*

·         Mentors and coaches students in all aspects of their formation

·         Mentors and coaches other team members

·         Facilitates the formation activities of the students

·         Provides orientations and trainings for partner institutions and
communities necessary for their program tasks (ex. monitoring, mentoring
and coaching, giving effective feedback, facilitation skills, adult
learning principles)

   - Participates in Ateneo DREaM Team Relief Operations

*Evaluating OSCI Programs*

·         Conducts program planning, feedback sessions and evaluation with
Ateneo student formation offices, partner student organizations, and team

·         Administers and collates program evaluations with all stakeholders

·         Encodes and analyzes evaluation results as deemed necessary by
the Team Leader


*Preparing Reports*

   - Prepares and submits evaluation of students’ performance
   - Prepares and submits proposals for specific program activities as
   assigned by the Team Leader
   - Reports weekly plan of activities
   - Handles encashment of cheques, disbursement and liquidation of budget
   to co-formators as assigned by the Team Leader

 *Preparing Logistics*

   - Submits venue requests to the Office Assistant for program and student
   - Handles logistics necessary for program implementation

 *Contributing Competence*

   - Participates in Office planning and evaluation

   - Facilitates team and office meetings as deemed necessary by the
   Director, Assistants to the Director, Team Leader

 4.      Performs other functions as may be required


1.  College degree holder preferably related to Social Development

2.   1-2 years work experience in social development & formation work

3.    Experience in coordinating with non-government organizations and
organizations is an advantage

4.    Strong facilitation skills; can process group sessions

5.    Excellent good communication and interpersonal skills

6.    Has planning and organization skills, which includes budgeting

7.    Knowledge in designing learning programs is an advantage

 Interested employee must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor/unit head


1.  What you can contribute to the position?

2.  Why you want to apply for the position?

3.  Why you are qualified for the position?

The endorsed letter of intent, along with the employee’s updated resume,
must be submitted on or before 20 April 2015.

                Mrs. Mila R. Sandoval

HR Officer II

Workforce Planning and Capability Development

                Office of Human Resource Management and
Organization Development
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