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*Theo 230 New Testament Seminar I: Women in Scriptures*
*Sr. Maria Anicia Co, R.V.M.*
*Monday 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm*

The course studies biblical texts that concern women. It begins with a
survey of women and images of women in Scriptures and then discusses
currents of interpretations that influence contemporary views of women in
the Church and society. It analyzes the characterization of women and men
in biblical narratives, laws, poetry and prophetic texts to discover and
highlight the different images of women in Jewish Scriptures and in the New
Testament. The socio-historical contexts of these texts are discussed to
understand the biblical portrayal of women. New exegetical methods and
approaches are explored in the study of selected passages to move towards
an ethically responsible interpretation that has a bearing on issues of
women’s role in the Church and the partnership of women and men in the
mission of the Church. Special attention is given to the gospel stories of
Jesus’ encounters with women, the place of women in Jesus’ community of
disciples, Mary as model of discipleship.

*Theo 248 Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism*
*Fr. Tiziano Tosolini, S.X., Fr. Sergio Targa, S.X., Dr. Umberto Bresciani*
*Monday and Tuesday 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm (from November 24)*

The course aims to acquaint the students with the main traits of some Asian
Religions (Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism) and to analyze the
philosophies which stemmed from them. Emphasis will also be placed on how
the knowledge of these religious worldviews and philosophical systems could
contribute to the much-needed activity of inter-cultural and interreligious

*Theo 249.2 Islam: Formative Period, The Quran, Neofundamentalism and
*Fr. Antonio de Castro, S.J.*
*Tuesday 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm*

*Theo 262.1 Family Spirituality and Sexual Ethics*
*Fr. Juvenal Moraleda, C.Ss.R. and Fr. James Gascon, S.J.*
*Tuesday 5:30 pm – 8:15 pm*

This course treats the theology of Christian marriage and family in its
scriptural-doctrinal underpinnings, including the socio-political role of
the family in today’s world, in the light of the social teachings of the
Church. It then deals with an integrative, psycho-moral approach to marital
sexuality, and how marital sex issues are handled in pastoral care and
counseling.  In sum, the course aims toward the integration of sensuality,
sexuality and spirituality.

*Theo 264 Themes Related to Moral Theology I:*
*St. John Paul II's “Love and Responsibility”*
*Fr. Renan Michael La Guardia, S.D.B.*
*Thursday 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm*

Even before he assumed the papacy, Karol Wojtyla had already produced a
remarkably eloquent and cogent defense of Catholic tradition in the sphere
of family life and sexual morality. His major work, *Love and
Responsibility* (1960), drawn from his own pastoral experiences as a priest
and bishop, and based on his Christian Personalism, contains his
philosophico-theological persuasions on the sexual self-realization of the
human person.

This course is a systematic attempt at an understanding and appreciation of
the mind of the Personalist philosopher who became Pope John Paul II. It
will explore his life and times, especially mindful of the significant
influences that shaped his thinking, examine in depth his aforementioned
opus as the result of what he calls “an incessant confrontation of doctrine
with life,” and enable the students to engage in meaningful discussions on
the moral issues which Wojtyla addressed and which have remained
controversial even in our time.

*Theo 280.1 Vocation and Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises*
*Fr. Jose Quilongquilong, S.J.*
*Tuesday 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm*

The course is divided into two parts. First, it will explore the theology
of the mystery of Vocation as reflected in Church teaching since the Second
Vatican Council. Related theological and pastoral issues on the specific
Christian vocation as lay, religious, and ordained will also be discussed.
Second, it will relate the theological explorations on the mystery of
vocation with the vocational experience of St. Ignatius Loyola as narrated
in his Autobiography and the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises. Then, it
examines how these two parts (the knowledge aspect and the experiential
aspect) converge in our ongoing spiritual journey of conversion,
commitment, and communion with God. A basic knowledge of the life of St.
Ignatius and an experience of the Spiritual Exercises (in its various
forms) would be helpful to appreciate more this course.

*Theo 284.2 Mysticism*
*Dr. Carmen Valdes*
*Thursday 9:00 am – 11:50 am*

The course delves into the lives of the medieval mystics such as Hildegard
of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Hadjewich, Teresa of Avila, John of the
Cross, Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola and modern mystics such as
Dorothy Day, Teresa of Calcutta, the Dahlai Lama and others. It looks into
their role in the development of spirituality in Christianity based on
their historical-theological foundations and their on-going life-project,
which is still an energetic force in the 21st century. Why are their lives
and mystical experiences relevant today? Are we called to mysticism in our
relationship with God and the world?

*Theo 286 Ministry of the Word I*
*Fr. Emmanuel Alfonso, S.J. and Jesuit Communications, with Card. Luis
Antonio Tagle*
*Friday 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm*

This Jesuit Communications Foundation seminar-workshop endeavors to equip
students with necessary skills in effectively carrying out the Ministry of
the Word in its various traditional and contemporary forms. The course
includes modules on faith and media, public speaking and communication
skills, presentation techniques, handling the media, hosting and
interviewing skills, the practice and spirituality of preaching,
homiletics, story-telling, etc.

Instructors include Cardinal Chito Tagle, Fr. Nono Alfonso SJ, Fr. Mon
Bautista SJ, public speaking trainer PJ Lanot of Train Station, professor
and sports commentator Sev Sarmenta, lay preacher Bo Sanchez, Arun Gogna
and theatre actor and trainer Voltaire Gonzales of Role Players.

*Theo 294.1 Family Spirituality Practicum*
*Fr. Ruben Tanseco, S.J. and Dr. Myrna Joyce Sanchez*
*Wednesday 5:30 pm – 8:15 pm*
*Includes weekend seminars*

*The course offers a total program in family spirituality, designed to help
couples and families to be fully alive in all levels of their relationship:
intrapersonal, interpersonal and metapersonal (societal). This holistic
approach integrates the psycho-emotional, cultural, socio-political and
spiritual aspects of family life. The course includes an actual experience
of progressive programs: the Marriage Encounter, the Spiritual Deepening
Retreat, the Christian Parenting for Peace and Justice, and their
counterpart programs for the poor and underprivileged sectors of our
society. Aside from the regular class, students are required to attend the
following weekend seminars (contact CEFAM for the dates): Marriage
Encounter, Spiritual Deepening Retreat, Christian Parenting for Peace and

*For other course offerings at the Theology and Ministry Program, visit our


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