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*PROGRAM MANAGER (Project-based)*

*Job Summary:*

The Program Manager shall manage the development and delivery of the
learning objectives of a client and the overall project team composed of
course designers, facilitators, training assistant/s, and Ateneo partner

*Job Description:*

 *I.  **Management of the Project Team*

 The Project Lead manages the team members by engaging with the
facilitating team and accomplishing the following activities.

a.        Needs Assessment & Curriculum Design

i. Reviews needs assessment analyses/results/reports/ curriculum output of
the Curriculum Designer Team

ii. Presents curriculum design to client

b.       Course Design

i. Coordinates/Liaises with Curriculum Development team and the Ateneo CCE
Program Sales Group Head on the course content, schedule, Faculty/ Resource
person allocation for topics within modules, methods of delivery and
assessment and documentation

ii. Orients Course Designers, Facilitators and Program Assistant/s on
history and proceedings related to the curriculum as it relates to his/her
assigned course

iii. Communicates expectations with Course Designer/Facilitator on his/her
assigned course, which includes instructions on the participants’ project

iv. Communicates expectations with the Training Assistant on his/her role
in the curriculum and program roll-out

v. Supports the Course Designer in the development of the course design by:

1. Sourcing content materials from client, as required by the course

2. Assisting Course Designer in looking for reference materials

3. Reviewing the reference materials sourced by Training Assistant

4. Attending meetings (internal walk through, client walk through, coaching
feedback/debriefing session), wherein he/she is expected to:

·   Facilitate the meetings

·   Review and approve meeting highlights & incorporation of feedback in
course design drafted by Training Assistant

· Send final meeting highlights & incorporation of feedback in course
design to facilitator and client

vi. Oversees the Training Assistant in the following areas:

1. Preparation of reference, instructional materials, and other materials
related to each course (e.g. sourcing, reproduction of materials)

2.  Logistic prep

·   Reservation of venue

·    Ordering of meals

3.  Documentation of meetings and actual sessions

4.  Drafting of terminal reports for each course

c.        Course Conduct

i.  Reviews workbook and course materials edited by the Training Assistant

ii.  Sends workbook and course materials to facilitator

iii. Monitors participants and the execution of the course during its
actual conduct

iv. Collaborates with the facilitator (current & next course facilitators)
in making necessary adjustments to the course design

d.       Evaluation Plan

i. Manages process leading to programme assessment and make recommendations
for the improvement of course strategy, delivery and documentation.

ii. Tracks program progress and ensure milestones are met on schedule.

iii. Documents the client’s program roll-out and results of student
evaluation for school report.

*II.                 ** Management of Client*

a. Coordinates with client with regards to the organizational context and
requirements for the course design

b.  Updates client on the actual sessions through the creation of daily

c.   Submits a terminal report for each course, initially drafted by the
Program/Training Assistant

d.   Submits a consolidated report upon completion of all courses in the


·   Bachelor’s Degree

·  At least 2-year relevant work experience in learning & development,
particularly in corporate curriculum/curricula

·   Work experience in a managerial role and with MBA units or degree are
an advantage

·   Good communication skills

*TRAINING OFFICER (Project-based)*

*Job Summary:*

The Training Officer  shall be in charge of the training delivery and shall
provide direct, close-in support to faculty/resource person and
participants before, during and the actual training conduct.

*Job Description:*

1.  Coordinates with the Program Manager on course scheduling and resource
person assignment.

2.  Identifies support services requirements of the program and the courses
and relay to parties concerned.

3.   Prepares training rooms, equipment, supplies and ordering of meals
prior to course run.

4.  Assists the resource person in the preparation of presentation
materials and prepares the course handouts for participants prior to course

5.  Monitors participants’ engagement in reference to attendance and course
requirements submission.

6.    Manages communication to and from the participants and the resource
person during and after the course run.

7.     Documents meetings.

8.   Prepares post program observation, evaluation summary and actual
expense reports after each course.

9.    Works with the Program Manager in reviewing the course design and
ensures incorporation of the feedback, revisions or updates.

10.  Sources reference materials to aid Course Designer in the development
of the course design.

11.  Prepares post-course documentation for successful participants who
have completed the program and enforces graduation/culmination requirements.

12.   Performs all other tasks assigned by the Program Manager.


·         Bachelor’s Degree

·         Good communication skills

·         At least two years experience in the same capacity

·         Highly flexible and customer service oriented


*Job Summary:*

This position assists in the training delivery operation of the group.

*Job Description:*

1. Prepares training support requirements, i.e. supplies, logistics,
equipment and kits for every course or account.

2.   Assists in the delivery of training sessions at a basic/administrative
level, if required.

3.  Provides general admin assistance and support to the Resource Persons
and participants

4.  Assists with the capture and collation of the training evaluation

5.    Performs other tasks as assigned by the Training Services Group Head.


·         Bachelor’s Degree

·         Good communication skills

·         At least two years experience in the same capacity

·         Highly flexible and customer service oriented

Interested employees must send their resumes at recruitment.cce at ateneo.edu.
Our point person is Mrs. Aubrey Ty (DL: 8403732) or send your resume at
careers.hrmod at ateneo.edu c/o Mrs. Tin Velasco.
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