[Blueboard] Congratulations to Dr J Martin, Founding Member of CES Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity

Remmon Barbaza rbarbaza at ateneo.edu
Wed Oct 22 15:37:05 PHT 2014

The School of Humanities

proudly congratulates

Assistant Professor, Department of English

for being named as a founding member of the
*Research Network on*
*Transnational Memory and Identity*
within the
*Council for European Studies*

The aim of a CES research network is to promote European Studies and
strengthen ties across disciplines, generations and national borders. Dr.
Martin was named one of the founding members of this network on the
strength of her research work and the positive contribution to the network
that is expected of her. Membership in a CES research network allows Dr.
Martin to benefit from services offered by the Council. In addition to
providing a highly respected setting for scholarly practice, the Council
for European Studies also provides significant financial, administrative,
and communications support. CES Research Networks enjoy wide visibility and
receive access to the Council’s extensive communications resources,
including its suite of e-networking tools. Also, the Council sponsors
special Research Network gatherings at the International Conference of
Europeanists to support in-person networking and regularly approves funding
requests for special programming.

Congratulations, Dr. Martin!

Remmon E. Barbaza, Ph.D.
Acting Dean, School of Humanities
Acting Chair, Department of English
Associate Professor in Philosophy
Ateneo de Manila University

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