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Job Objective:

Responsive, cost-efficient and strategic organizational marketing and
internal and external customer management and communications towards
generation of improved resource mobilization for AAA projects and

Reporting to:                The Executive Director (“ED”)


·         Forty (40) hours per week, Mondays to Fridays, with rotating duty
one Saturday a month, to the AAA head office at G/F Alingal Hall, Ateneo de
Manila campus, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

·         The latest start of work is at 9:00 a.m.

·         Any field work or external meetings in line with work objectives
must be pre-approved by the ED

·         Monthly attendance sheet needs to be executed and signed off on
by ED with out-of-office meetings clearly tracked/cited


·         Graduate of BS Marketing or BS Management or other related course

·         Has at least Three (3) years of experience in event management,
marketing communications (internal and external) and promotions (in/direct
and online)

·         Has experience in and capacity to facilitate scholarships

·         Expertise in management and optimization of social media platforms

·         Extensive quad media network

·         Excellent writing skills for features/creative writing and
technical report writing (primarily in English)

·         Excellent oral/communications skills  (English and Tagalog)

·         High sense of priority, customer service and aptitude for details

·         Diligent and thorough with work and outputs

·         Willing to commit to a minimum service period of Three (3) years

·         Preferably,

o   an alumnus/alumna

o   familiar with University protocols, and other significant forms of
protocols relevant to the work required

o   with ability to speak a local dialect to reach out to alumni from
Visayas and Mindano (ex. Visayan, Ilonggo)


Ability to:

·         Multi-task and work in teams at multiple stages of a project

·         Work extended hours for implementation of key events

·         Seamlessly deal with various stakeholders

·         Learn fast given the necessarily quick on-boarding required by
the position for various AAA Projects/undertakings

·         Independently address arising issues but with consideration of
what issues need consultation with ED, members of the ExeCom and Committees

Roles and Responsibilities:

*The following are primary CMS functions: *

**Use of language: Engagement vs. Marketing because marketing seems so
heartless. *

   1. *Fund Development towards Sustainability of AAA Interventions and
   Operations. *
      1. Develop a fund growing and management strategy in close
      coordination with the ED, the Treasurer and the Management Committee

   1. *Community Engagement towards increased AAA Membership and Alumni
      1. Assist in growing the alumni database of the Association in close
      coordination with the Office of Alumni Relations of the Ateneo de Manila
      2. Annually prepare, implement and evaluate a communications plan for
      the Association aligned against pre-defined vision, mission,
objectives and
      long-term strategic goals;
      3. Produce the Ateneo Alumni Association’s Annual Report;
      4. Assist the Executive Director in liaising with key stakeholders of
      the Association and installing systems for efficient internal/external
      communications (ex. enhancement of standard membership forms, pro forma
      letters where applicable, standard association PR materials, optimizing
      online/gmail/web facilities);
      5. Handle documentation of any and all AAA projects, activities and
      events, as well as various other activities of the Ateneo alumni for the
      purpose of reporting to the community;
      6. Engagement strategy

                                                               i.      Take
the lead in defining external relations approach for the Association's key
projects and events (thereby helping put together/providing inputs to teams
comprised of office staff, alumni volunteers and directors);

    1. Manage and periodically evaluate the platforms for external
      communications of the Association to ensure continued relevance and
      responsiveness to various stakeholders resulting to:

monitoring and regular posting of content on online media and communication
channels (AAA website, Facebook pages, BLUEPOST, Mailchimp, Twitter,
Instagram, etc.);

                                                             ii.      AAA
website maintenance and updating (in coordination with volunteer alumni who
have pledged their time to assist in development, maintenance and content
uploading) including content development/features writing and online
feedback monitoring;

monthly/quarterly analytics or assessment per platform to enable management
to make sound decisions on reinforcing or adjusting communications

                                                           iv.      Conduct
an annual customer service (satisfaction) survey in coordination with other
units/programs of the Association; and

    1. Provide content and manage requirements for the Ateneo alumni
      2. ALUMNI

                                                               i.      Manage
Partner Merchant Programs’ development and maintenance;

                                                             ii.      Technical
backstopping to programs;


                                                           iv.      Lead
secretariat for events;

                                                             v.      Events
and Program management and reporting;

    1. Manage communication with BENEFACTORS AND SPONSORS
      2. Coordinate with SCHOOL-BASED PARTNERS

                                                               i.      OSA

                                                             ii.      COA


                                                           iv.      Others

    1. OBE

                                                               i.      For
the purpose of promoting and implementing the OBE scholarship program: (a)
Liaise and work with various offices and committees of the Association and
the Ateneo schools; (b) Plan and manage events; (c) Engage the Ateneo
Alumni members and external potential donors for participation into the
program; and (d) Maintanence of FaceBook and social media platforms;

                                                             ii.      Ensure
regular information is provided to the OBE board/committee for strategic
decision-making through the preparation of reports and facilitation of OBE
board/committee meetings every two months and the conduct of special
meetings, when necessary;

                                                            iii.      Manage
and update the database of donors (ex. communication on OBE developments
and conduct of membership survey) and tracking of updates on the scholars
(ex. Generate stories on the scholars every quarter) under the program for
the purpose of effective customer service and public relations;

                                                           iv.      Conduct
research as deemed necessary in line with enhancing the OBE scholarship
program; and

   1. *Community and Services Support. *As part of the larger AAA
   team/secretariat, the AAC shall fulfill functions that help with team
   development and performance. These include but are not necessarily limited
      1. provide communications support to the AAA Project Committees and
      the Board of Directors, as coordinated through the Board Corporate
      2. contribute to filing and maintenance of records of the AAA; and
      3. backstopping and fiscal reporting/management support to core AAA
      events, outreach programs, and the AAA Project Committees and
the Board of
      Directors, as coordinated through the ED/Treasurer; and

   1. *Cost Reduction/Efficiency Programs.* Provide ideas/suggestions for
   the Association to improve its overall cost-efficiency.

   1. *Professional and Organizational Development. *
      1. Be proactive in recommending capacity building interventions
      towards improved marketing and community management of the Association.
      This includes hardware or electronic program recommendations
that may help
      improve the overall relevance and network of active alumni and
      of and for the Association.
      2. This also includes maintenance of files and central documents
      including creation of a historical account of community management and
      marketing collaterals of the AAA.
      3. Definition of individual commitment plan aligned with the unit or
      organizational strategic plan.

   1. *Others. *Perform other functions deemed necessary in realizing
   efficient and responsive fiscal management for the Association.

*Note: The CMS is not expected to deliver targets on his/her own but to
work with teams/volunteers or consultants, where applicable. Working with
the various Project Committees and key stakeholders of the Association to
generate a holistic communications plan and to successfully roll out the
same is necessary for the CMS’ success. The communications strategies to be
implemented shall be guided by the over-all strategic directions set by the
AAA Board of Directors as of its 01 & 08 February 2014 strategic planning
sessions. *

*Interested applicant may submit their 1.) updated resumes; 2.) transcript
of records; and 3.) 2x2 photo at the Ateneo Alumni Association, Inc. Office
located at Rm. 102, GF, Alingal Hall,  Ateneo de Manila University, or via
e-mail at **e* <hrmod at ateneo.edu>*xecdir at ateneoalumniassociation.org*
<xecdir at ateneoalumniassociation.org>*.*
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