[Blueboard] Campus Mobility Updates #3 (Katipunan Traffic Lights)

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 Date: 15 October 2014 Memo to:The University Community From :Fr. Nemesio
S. Que, SJ Vice President Subject:Campus Mobility Updates #3 (Katipunan
Traffic Lights)

I wish to update the community of a few more changes in the campus traffic
scheme as part of our final adjustments to MMDA's implementation of traffic
lights along the stretch of Katipunan Avenue.

As many of us may have noticed, traffic congestion within campus and along
Katipunan Avenue has eased up a bit the past few days. This could only be
attributed to the collective effort to find the best possible solutions to
the traffic congestion and in adjusting to situations beyond our control. I
say, “eased up a bit,” based on the following data that we have collected
since MMDA implemented the traffic lights along Katipunan Avenue:

  *Data on Tardiness*

*Ateneo Grade School and Ateneo Junior High School**


Number of Late Students

Sept. 13 (Saturday) –

*First day of traffic light implementation*


Sept. 15 (Monday)

- Classes were suspended -

Sept. 16 (Tuesday)


Sept. 18 (Thursday)


Sept. 19 (Friday)

- Classes were suspended -

Sept. 22 (Monday)


Sept. 23 (Tuesday)


Sept. 24 (Wednesday)


Sept. 25-27


Sept. 30 (Tuesday)


Oct. 1 (Wednesday)


Oct. 2 (Thursday)


Oct.3  (Friday)


Oct. 7 (Tuesday)


Oct. 8 (Wednesday)


Oct. 9 (Thursday)


**Source: CSMO / AGS-AHSA*

To address “weak spots” in our current traffic flow, the Campus Safety and
Mobility Office (CSMO) together with the Ateneo Institute of Sustainability
(AIS), and MMDA, and after consulting traffic engineers and parent groups,
have proposed the following, *effective Monday, 20 October 2014*:

   - *Closure of Gate 1 at Ateneo Grade School (AGS)*
      - To eliminate conflicts between pedestrian and vehicular traffic
      near Gate 1
      - To facilitate a smoother traffic flow at the AGS area and along
      Katipunan Service Road stretching all the way to Marcos Hi-way and
      Bonifacio Avenue

This scheme was implemented during the AGS/AJHS Fiesta and was found to be
effective for both the community and Katipunan Avenue bound vehicles.

   - *Reversal of Masterson Drive to One-Way in front of the Church of the
*To eliminate conflicts between turning vehicles at the intersection of
      Masterson Drive and University Road *

The original one-way scheme will be re-implemented since traffic has been
decongested in the Social Dev’t Complex-Arrupe Road area as a result of the
opening of Gate 3 Annex as an exit point.

I hope that this will be the last update on “Katipunan Traffic Lights” from
my office. I would like to thank everyone for their support, understanding
and patience throughout this “ordeal.” I would also like to especially
thank the parents, students, faculty and staff who made suggestions and
recommendations for addressing the traffic problem.

Lastly, please keep posted on updates from the CSMO regarding the various
initiatives that the office has planned for better campus mobility (e.g.
new e-jeep service, bike sharing program, alternative entry/exit points),
most of which are already in the final planning/testing phase.

Again, thank you and please encourage everyone to share this in all
channels possible for the proper information and guidance of members of the

Office of the VP for Administration
Ateneo de Manila University
+63 2 426 6001 ext 4030
+63 2 426 6083
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