[Blueboard] "EU and the Movement of Persons: Issues and Challenges faced by Member States"

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The European Studies Program

invites you to a lecture on

*"EU and the Movement of Persons: Issues and Challenges faced by Member

*Mr. Tito O. Bernabe, LLM*
Faculty, European Studies Program

*Friday, 10 October 2014*
*4:30-6:00, SEC Lecture hall B*


This lecture examines aspects of the free movement of persons concerning
the content and impact of the Court of Justice case law, the subsequent
changes in secondary legislation and the problems and challenges presented
by the 2004 EU enlargement.

During the early years, economic activity is closely linked with the right
to move and live within the EU. With the introduction of Union citizenship
under the Maastricht Treaty the link with economic activity was loosened to
include social and cultural benefits. But, defining who is a worker and
examining the rights and benefits of having and retaining the status of a
worker remain as important today as they were in the early years. After the
2004 EU enlargements and the onset of the eurozone economic crisis real
difficulties began to emerge on the merits and consequences of expanding
the scope of free movement. Member states have now called for reforms as
they try to meet the major challenges of economic, political and social
convergence in order to maintain the whole integrity of the European

 *About the speaker*

Mr. Bernabe teaches Fundamental Legal Concepts of the EU and External
Relations of the European Union in the European Studies Program, Ateneo de
Manila University, and the European Integration at the Ateneo Graduate
School of Business.  He graduated from the University of the Philippines
with a degree in Political Science and took his postgraduate degrees in
Economics and Law at the University of London. He has been a legal
consultant to several law firms in London.

Caissa C. Lopez
Office Staff
European Studies Program
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