[Blueboard] New venue for the Rawls symposium: Case Study Room

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva mpvillanueva at ateneo.edu
Thu Oct 9 13:54:47 PHT 2014

The Department of Philosophy of the Ateneo de Manila University would like
to invite you to a “Mini-Symposium on John Rawls” on Friday, October 10,
2014, from 4:30-6:30 pm, at the Case Study Room, Social Sciences Building.
This is an avenue for the presentation of graduate-level research projects
formulated in the Social Ethics class under Dr. Zosimo Lee this semester.

One of the most prolific philosophical figures of the 20th century, John
Rawls, in his celebrated 1971 work A Theory of Justice, became responsible
for bringing to the fore an innovative approach to social and political
theory that continues to frame discussions to this day. Having formulated
rational grounds for justice, social order, and fair decision-making, he
subsequently articulated the ethical foundations of basic social freedoms
and the inviolability of fundamental human rights. He was further known for
justifying equal opportunity and the fair distribution of wealth, all the
while accommodating individual choice and differences.

His philosophy remains a lasting and major influence on the current
understanding we have of both social justice and contemporary liberal
democracy. In this symposium, the researchers will expound on their views
of some of John Rawls’ key concepts and discuss their significant influence
on social ethics and political theory.

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva
Department Secretary
Department of Philosophy
426-6001 loc. 5360
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