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Tue Oct 7 14:24:41 PHT 2014

This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program


Rizal Library, Loyola Schools

*Job Description:*

·         Removes trash from waste cans in various areas of the building

·     Maintains the building floorings by sweeping and mopping of floors,
and keeping the space in an orderly fashion

·         Vacuums the floor

·         Cleans and disinfects restrooms

·         Cleans and washes sinks, urinals, and toilet bowls including

·         Mops and sweeps the floor

·         Supplies bathrooms with toiletries

·         Cleans all glass partitions and glass mirrors making sure they
are clear and free from fingerprints and smudges

·        Cleans office equipment, furniture and office walls making sure
they are always dust free

·         Inspects burnt light bulbs and replaces them if necessary

·     Does minor repairs with electrical connections, plumbing ,
air-conditioning systems that are within his/her capability

·         Handles the climate control functions of the building this
includes handling the function of hygrometer and operation of the
mechanical exhaust system

·         Ensures that all doors are locked before the building is closed
for the evening

·         Maintains a clean and orderly appearance of the building


·         High School Graduate or College level

·          Attendance in a Technical Vocational Institution will be an

·         Experience in general housekeeping / maintenance

·         Must be organized, hardworking, patient and has keen eye for

Interested employees must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor / unit head and submit on or before 11 October 2014 to:

Christine L. Velasco

HR Assistant II

Employment & Development Services Section

               Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
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