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Wed Oct 1 11:18:19 PHT 2014

*The Department of History and the Japanese Studies Program*

*School of Social Sciences*

*Ateneo de Manila University *

*would like to invite you to a lecture on *

*“Bankokushi” **「万国史」* *―**Textbooks of World History in Meiji Japan**―*


*Shingo Minamizuka, PhD*

*Professor Emeritus of Chiba University and Hosei University*

*on Friday, 10 October 2014*

*10:30-11:30 am*

*Leong Hall Conference Room 1 (LH 206)*


*During the Meiji Period (1868-1910), world history textbooks were
published for primary, junior high and high schools. Almost all of these
were direct translations from European and American textbooks. Despite the
revisions and updates the textbooks were mandated to undergo, the
Euro-centric themes still remained which reflected Meiji Japan’s
Westernization program.*

*About the Lecturer:*

*Prof Minamizuka obtained his **M.A.(International Relations Studies)
Graduate School of Tokyo University.  He taught at Tsuda College from
1970-82 (Lecturer and Assistant Professor); Chiba University from 1982-2004
(Assistant Professor and Professor) and Hosei University from 2004-2012
(Professor).  He is currently Professor Emeritus of Chiba University and
Hosei University.  He is President of NPO International Forum of Culture
and History(NPO-IF), Tokyo (2003); *

*Director, Research Institute of World History(RIWH), Tokyo (2004); and
President, Asian Association of World Historians(AAWH) (2008-2012) Among
his main publications are A Silent Revolution --- Hungarian Peasants and
Populist Movements 1930-1948, Tokyo, 1987; Rozsa Sandor --- A Social Bandit
in Hungary, Tokyo, 1992.; The World History of the Outlaws, Tokyo, 1999; A
History of Budapest: Dreams of a City, Tokyo, 2007 ; Is the World History
Unnecessary?  Tokyo, 2007; The Social Bandit in the Nineteenth Century
Hungary, Columbia UP, 2008 (in English) A History of Hungary, Tokyo, 2012.
He is co-author of Imperialism and Nations (with Prof. Masao NISHIKAWA),
Tokyo, 1986, and editor of History of Danube Europe (ed.), Tokyo, 1999.  He
co-authored Empire and Imperialism (with Kaku Kano, Yoichi Kibata),
Yushisha, Tokyo, 2013. *
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