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This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program


Office of Associate Principal for Student Affairs, High School


Under the supervision of the Associate Principal for Student Affairs, High
School, the Office Assistant V performs the following

*Duties and Responsibilities:*

                1. Provides administrative support to the Associate
Principal for Student Affairs

a.    Schedules and confirms appointment meetings of the APSA and manages
his daily time schedule.

b.    Receives and screens incoming calls, letters and memos

c.    Receives visitors and attends to their requests appropriately

d.    Types and distributes letters of reply, memos, announcements and
basic correspondence

e.    Facilitates financial processes of the office (prepares liquidation
reports, orders for cheque and cash advance etc)

f.     Handles the logistics and organizes all documents of the APSA,
including his other roles as Committee Head, Committee Member and ComElec
Moderator, according to topics/folders.

2. Manages the flow of incoming and outgoing correspondence within the

a.    Logs, screens, and classifies letters, memos and announcements
released and received by the office.

b.    Photocopies and distributes outgoing communications to the concerned

3. Maintains the supervisory folder of the APSA (tables and charts of
faculty’s civic duties and other useful data)

4. Keeps, maintains and updates office and student files

a.    Monitors the submission of documents required at the office

b.    Makes follow ups with the concerned party regarding the submission of

c.    Records office budget and office expenses

5. Makes the necessary arrangements for meetings of the Associate Principal
(APSA Council, ComElec, Disciplinary Probation, Investigation Conference,

a.    Coordinates the availability of all involved in specific meetings

b.    Schedules the meetings in and prepares the notice of meetings

c.    Makes arrangements for the venue and food

d.    Prepares and distributes the appropriate materials

6. Assists the Associate Principal for Student Affairs by preparing Power
Point presentations for his various meetings/assemblies.

a.    Requests for data/reports from the different offices in their
particular areas

b.    Prepares statistics needed for the reports

c.    Gathers visual materials needed for the reports

7. Prepares and records the weekly meetings (minutes) of the APSA Council
and sees to the accurate transcription of the same for approval and

8. Coordinates and provides clerical assistance to the Athletics Coordinator

a.    Receives and screens incoming calls

b.    Receives visitors and attends to their requests appropriately

9. Provides clerical assistance to other areas of APSA namely FSQA, Health
Services, Security, and to other seasonally appropriate partner-offices.

10. Prepares and documents the minutes of meetings of the Principal’s
Committee on Discipline

11. Sets up the documentation and transcribes the videotapes of
investigation reports.

12. Prepares the needs of the Krav Maga sessions (venue, sound system,
equipment, etc.)

13. Assists in matters pertaining to lateness and tardiness of students.

a.    issues admit to class slips to students

b.    receives excuse letters from students absent from class the previous

14. Assists in the production of identification cards for the students

a.    takes the picture of students during registration

b.    takes the picture of new faculty and staff and forwards these to the
Personnel Office

c.    prints IDs for the new students

d.    provides ID replacements

                15.  Handles requests to leave campus before dismissal

                 a.    verifies the validity of request by calling up the

                 b.    issues Permit to Leave to sick students and those
with valid reasons

16. Coordinates with the clinic in issuing Infirmary slips for students

17. Manages the office supplies of the Principal’s Office

a.    makes an inventory of supplies before the budget preparation

b.    submits office supplies requirements for all the offices under the
Principal’s Office to the Budget Committee

c.    takes care of monitoring and ordering office supplies for the
Principal’s Office

18. Performs other functions that may be assigned to from time to time.


·         With a Bachelor’s degree, preferably Business Management or
Accountancy graduate

·         Has 5 years work experience

·         Proficient in MS Office applications

·         Must possess good interpersonal skills, attention to details,
documentation and recording skills

·         Good command of both English and Filipino languages

Interested employees must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor / unit head and submit on or before 05 December 2014 to:

Christine L. Velasco

HR Assistant II

Workforce Planning & Capability Development

               Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
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