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*Search for Identity*
A master lecture by Dr. Ludmila Armata
Visiting Professor, Fine Arts Program, School of Humanities

4:30 p.m., Monday, November 17, 2014
FA Black Box, FA Annex

A presentation capturing the connected processes of artistic and personal
development, based on a retrospective view of personal art. This is about
an interior dialogue as each stage of life impacts the artist’s emotional
and intellectual development resulting in a deeply personal artistic
language. The art forms produced by this language induce in the viewer a
reminiscence of their own sources of identity and development as they
search for meaning across time.

*"My art is about participating in life, whether consciously or not, and
being human by choice just to make sense of it all."*


Originally from Poland, Ludmila Armata holds a PhD in Visual Arts from the
Academy of Fine Arts Katowice. She has been exhibited in several venues
across Canada, where she currently resides, as well as in galleries across
Europe and Asia. This is the first of a series of master lectures she will
deliver as part of her visiting professorship with the Ateneo. She also
currently teaches a course in printmaking with the Fine Arts Program.

Ms. Roxan B. Cuacoy
Staff, Fine Arts Program
School of Humanities, Loyola Schools
Ateneo de Manila University
4266001 local 5330
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