[Blueboard] (Un)Covering Disasters: A Conference on Disaster Journalism and Risk Communication

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*(Un)Covering Disasters: A Conference on Disaster Journalism and Risk

*24 – 25 July 2014*

*Leong Hall Auditorium, Ateneo de Manila University*

The Department of Communication of Ateneo de Manila University invites you
to a two-day conference on disaster reporting and risk communication
titled *(Un)Covering
Disasters: A Conference on Disaster Journalism and Risk Communication*. It
will be held on 24–25 July 2014 at the Ateneo de Manila University campus
in Quezon City.

The impetus for this conference is the increasing concern over the
country’s recent experience with Typhoon Haiyan and the role of the media
in reporting information related to the disaster. The conference is
designed to answer the challenges faced by various professionals in light
of Typhoon Haiyan and other recent disasters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Different specialists and experts all have a stake in how the media cover
disasters and post-disaster responses; consequently, research and dialogue
are imperative in areas such as science and risk communication,
environmental journalism, public engagement in scientific research,
information dissemination of post-disaster response and relief operations,
and the role of indigenous or local knowledge in disaster risk reduction.
This conference hopes to bring to the table cultural and theoretical
approaches to understand discourses on disaster, as well as empirical
understandings of disaster situations as they occur on the ground.

Our keynote speaker is Michael H. Glantz, Director of the Consortium for
Capacity Building of the University of Colorado – Boulder. His outstanding
work in the social sciences at the National Center for Atmospheric Research
(NCAR) as well as his solid accomplishments at the Center for Capacity
Building in CU-Boulder play a big role in helping us understand issues
surrounding climate change. We believe his expertise and commitment will
illumine journalists, policy makers, social scientists, and climate
scientists working in the Philippines.

We also have students, scholars, and practitioners from the Philippines and
abroad who will present on the following topics and themes:

·     Theoretical perspectives on risk communication and environmental

·     Representation of tragedy and suffering in the mainstream and new

·     Visual representations of disaster through photographs, film, or video

·     Internal (intra- and inter-agency) and external (media relations)
communication activities of government agencies and relief NGOs

·     Reporting of post-disaster responses, rescue, retrieval, and relief
operations, and delivery of humanitarian aid

·     The role of journalism in facilitating efficient and effective
disaster response

·     Public participation and engagement through social media during
disaster events

·     Communication and public understanding of disaster preparedness
programs and campaigns

Please visit http://uncoveringdisasters.blogspot.com for more details.

Michelle Gamboa

Department of Communication

Ateneo de Manila University
Tel. No. (632) 426-6001 loc. 5211

Fax No. (632) 426-6133
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