[Blueboard] Reminder - Updating of Tax Exemption Status

Central Accounting Office [CAO] cao at ateneo.edu
Tue Dec 2 17:04:12 PHT 2014

December 3, 2014

Memo to  :        All Employees with Change in Civil Status and with Change
in Number of Qualified Dependent Children during 2014

>From       :        Central Accounting Office

Subject     :        Reminder - *Updating of Tax Exemption Status*

Our Payroll Section will start processing your final pay for this year and
compute the *final amount of withholding taxes on compensation* for the
taxable year 2014 to be reported in your *Certificate* *of Compensation
Payment* /*Tax Withheld* (*BIR Form 2316*).

In order to reflect accurate information in your BIR Form 2316, we request
all employees with *change in civil status *and with* change in number of
qualified dependent children* during this taxable year 2014, *who have not
yet updated their status*,  to:

1.   Accomplish the BIR Form 2305 (attached) and attach evidence of
exemption (photocopy of NSO-certified Birth Certificate of all qualified
dependent and photocopy of Marriage Contract).

2.     Submit the duly accomplished form and supporting documents to *Window
5*, *Payroll Section,* *Central Accounting Office, *not later than *December
15, 2014.*

For inquiries, please call Ms. Josie Marasigan (local 4140), Ms. Tess
Borromeo (local 4148) or Mr. Jay Catalan (local 4149).

Thank you very much.


Director, CAO
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