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This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program


(High School)

*Job Summary:*

This position reports to the Chairperson of the Science Department and
performs technical and maintenance duties required in obtaining efficient
laboratory operations, and assists the Integrated Science Teachers in their
Laboratory sessions.

*Job Responsibilities:*

1.       Assists the Special Science teachers in their laboratory sessions
by doing the following:

a.       Prepares the materials and apparatus needed by students for their
experiments or needed by teachers for demonstration purposes.

b.       Issues prepared materials and chemicals, helps the students
operate the apparatus, monitors the student’s laboratory work and responds
to the routine inquiries during a laboratory class.

c.       Supervises the laboratory work of students whenever the Science
teacher is absent.

d.       Supervises individual students in their investigatory project or
make up work.

2.       Maintains the orderliness and cleanliness of the laboratory and
its equipment.

a.       Sees to it that the audio-visual equipment stored in the
laboratory are in good shape and kept secure

b.       Keeps the storage areas clean and orderly

c.       Carries out maintenance procedures and minor repair of equipment.

3.       Maintains the inventory records and prepares the following reports
for the immediate supervisor.

a.       Inventory of laboratory equipment and supplies

b.       Consolidated requests for new equipment and supplies

c.       Summary of quotations for cost of supplies and equipment

d.       Purchase requisitions and appropriate orders for check

e.       Summary of laboratory losses and breakages incurred by students

f.        Summary of budget requests.

4.       Serves as the Technician-In-Charge of the IP Resource Center where
the Compilation of the Outstanding Investigative Projects will be kept.

5.       Assists in various school programs and departmental projects like
the Summer Remedial Program, Summer Enrichment Program and Science Subject
Area Outreach Seminar Workshops by way of setting up equipment for
demonstration purposes or laboratory experiments.

6.       Assists in the use of the IS/ Chem and Bio-Physics Laboratory Room

7.       Serves as wing proctor during periodic examinations.

8.       Recommends and improvises materials to help in the implementation
of the laboratory experiments.

9.       Supervises, assists and ensures the safety of the students in the
laboratory during their laboratory activities.

10.   Performs other functions that may be assigned from time to time.


o   With a Bachelor’s Degree preferably Science-related course

o   Work experience in Laboratory setting will be an advantage

o   Proficient in MS Office applications

o   Good command of both English and Filipino languages

o   Flexible, systematic and organized

o   Must possess good interpersonal relations

Interested employees must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor / unit head and submit on or before 1 September 2014 to:

Christine L. Velasco

HR Assistant II

Employment & Development Services Section

                Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
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