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This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program


*(Loyola Schools – Rizal Library)*

*Job Summary:*

This position provides assistance in the Reference and Information Services
Section (RISS). Performs library activities which require knowledge of
specialized library procedures, techniques and/or method. Duties include
considerable public contact in dealing with library customers requiring
tact and courtesy. Work is performed under general supervision and is
evaluated regularly by the section head.

*Job Description:*

1.       Assists library customers on the use of the online public access
catalog (OPAC) and in locating materials in the collection.

2.       Shows patrons how to:

a.                                                Access the different
online databases of the Library

b.                                                Enter search term/s

c.                                                Save information on disk/s

3.       Handles Document Delivery Services (DDS) requests from library

4.       Gives directional information.

5.       Provides basic answers and makes appropriate referrals for an
effective and efficient use of library materials, especially reference

6.       Performs bibliographic searching and verification in order to
locate specific library materials.

7.       Helps in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the section.

8.       Records and reports minor/major violation of the library rules and
policies to the Head of RISS or the Library Director.

9.       Performs the following services of RISS:

a.                                                Issuance of reference

b.                                                Issuance of usernames and
passwords for remote access of the subscribed online databases of the Rizal

c.                                                Correspondence with
different libraries for document delivery requests.

d.                                                Recording requests for
library orientation/tour.

10.    Distributes promotional materials about the library, its services,
and collection.

11.    Maintains the reference collection:

a.                                                Shelving: Shelves books,
pamphlets, and other library materials in their proper location after use
following the library’s classification scheme.

b.                                                Shelf-reading: Performs
periodic examination of the arrangement of the books    and other materials
in the stacks of RISS to ensure that items are in correct call number
sequence on the shelf and at the same time to ensure that each item is in
its correct place at regular intervals for neatness, orderly appearance,
and for easy location of library materials.

c.                                                Physical upkeep of
library materials: Mends slightly damaged library materials or sends them
to the Acquisition Section for Proper handling (repairing, rebinding etc.).

12.    Maintains daily statistics on the services rendered by RISS.

13.    Performs other related duties as assigned.


1.       With a Bachelor’s Degree

2.       With  work experience in libraries preferred

3.       Good command of English language (oral and written)

4.       Proficient in MS office applications

5.       Has to be organized and keen to details

6.       Skills in customer relations

Interested employees must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor / unit head and submit on or before 29 August 2014 to:

Christine L. Velasco

HR Assistant II

Employment & Development Services Section

                Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
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