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This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program


(Ateneo Graduate School of Business)

*Job Description:*

1.                   Acts as the administrative officer of the AGSB for
matters pertaining to staff, faculty and administrators in relation to
campus and central administration offices

1.1               Drafts letters, memoranda and other communications of the
Dean on general administrative matters such as personnel hiring, staff
reclassification/promotion, re-appointments, fund requests,  standard
replies to certain queries such as application for teaching, communication
to address certain situation,  etc.

1.2               Follows up on the implementation/compliance of
instructions/directives of the Dean to the operating divisions

1.3               Coordinates with various sections/divisions on support
requirements (manpower, equipment, overtime, etc.)

1.4               Signs for the Dean monthly reports on staff absences,
tardiness and undertime

1.5               Signs for the Dean requests for use of common APS
facilities by AGSB and for use of AGSB facilities by non-Ateneo

2.                   Acts as principal assistant to the Dean for
activities/projects in which the latter assumes a direct role

2.1               Assists the Dean in convening Dean’s Council meetings
(formerly called Core Faculty).  Arranges for logistical requirements of
these meetings

2.2               Prepares minutes of Dean’s Council meetings

2.3               Assists the Dean in organizing meetings with partners,
e.g. League of Corporate Foundations, FINEX, MAP, etc.  Coordinates work
requirements related to linkages/partnerships

2.4               Coordinates major School events such as commencement
exercises, annual conference, strategic planning workshops,  Christmas
gatherings, outreach activities, etc.

2.5               Assists in planning, organization and conduct of annual
Student Leadership Conference

2.6               Conveys instructions from the Dean to the other
administrative officers and staff or faculty.  Incumbent may be asked to
check on their compliance and to collect data/regular reports from them for
the Dean’s reference

3.                   Coordinates essential administrative and program
services to maintain an organized work flow for the general operations of
the unit

3.1               Budget/Other Financial Matters

3.1.1         Gathers budget materials from 14 budget units of the AGSB,
reviews submissions, collates materials and consolidates materials for the
annual school budget submission;  implements revisions with assistance of
concerned sections

3.1.2         Prepares plantilla forms for all the budget units for the
annual budget preparations

3.1.3         Coordinates with various budget units in monitoring fiscal
year expenditures

3.1.4         Assists the Dean in preparing for Mid-Year Review of School
Operations scheduled by the Office of the Vice President for Finance and

3.1.5         Reviews material on tuition and fee schedule prepared by
Central Accounting Office prior to Dean’s signature.  Material is used as
reference by APS Cashier’s Office during enrollment

3.1.6         Gathers materials from concerned units on plans for
utilization of annual professorial chair awards for AGSB;  drafts
communication to BOT Committee on Faculty Chairs and Awards for approval by
the Dean

3.1.7         Gathers utilization reports from concerned units on the
utilization of professorial chair awards to AGSB; prepares draft of
utilization reports for review and approval of the Dean

3.1.8         Prepares draft of communication on withdrawal from restricted
funds of AGSB to provide for extra-budgetary expenditures of the School,
e.g. outlay for upgrade of computer rooms, software/hardware purchases,
curriculum development, etc.

3.1.9         Monitors withdrawals from restricted funds of AGSB

3.1.10     Assists CCE in certain procurement requirements of the unit
especially those which will be funded by the Development Fund

3.1.11     Monitors restricted funds and DCB accounts of School

3.2               Office

3.2.1         Receives and screens telephone calls for the Dean.  Exercises
judgment in determining matters which can be handled independently on the
level of the incumbent or on the level of the other administrative
officers/division heads and those that should be referred to the Dean.
Arranges for schedule of meetings or visits of callers after clearing with
Dean/Unit Head

3.2.2         Reviews incoming correspondence and, as necessary, gathers
information/data from divisions/individuals for background notes for Dean’s

3.2.3         Supervises preparation and distribution of invitations,
handouts, memos, announcements that originate from the Dean’s Office

3.2.4         With support of an office staff assistant, gathers feedback,
as required on memos issued to faculty and administrators

3.2.5         Monitors official incoming/outgoing correspondence

3.2.6         Drafts correspondence of the Dean, as required

3.2.7         Receives and checks materials for signature by the Dean.
Makes notes/comments on certain materials as necessary to give Dean basic
information that is deemed significant in relation to certain

3.2.8         Oversees operations of the Instructional Materials Section

3.2.9         Reviews monthly transaction reports of the IMS (book sale,
equipment rental, binding, budget transfer transactions)

3.2.10     Coordinates with functional supervisors for staff attendance in
training programs

3.2.11     Oversees staff activities organized by the  Staff Coordinating
Group, e.g. team building, R & R

3.2.12     Gathers data that serve as inputs for certain reports to be
prepared by the Dean;  at certain times, gathers/collates data from source
units and drafts reports for review by the Dean before final preparation

3.2.13     Assists the Dean in implementation and monitoring of
goals/objectives as indicated in annual status reports and strategic plan

3.2.14     Occasionally, entertains foreign or local  visitors on
orientation tour

3.3               Faculty/Students

3.3.1         Attends to faculty members, students, staff and members of
other APS units requesting to speak with the Dean over a variety of
matters.  For instances such as these, makes appointment with the Dean
where necessary or directs individual to other administrative officer(s) or
section/division that can handle the matter.

3.3.2         At times attends to special requests or complaints made by
faculty members and students.  Assists the Dean in addressing and resolving
critical issues involving faculty, administrators or students

3.3.3         Coordinates preparation of summary of faculty evaluation
ratings per trimester for Dean’s reference and for determination of faculty
teaching rates in coordination with degree programs assistants prior to
start of school year

3.4               Clusters/Cluster Chairs

3.4.1         Prepares communication to OHRMOD pertaining to Cluster Chairs
appointment, reappointment, replacement, etc.

3.4.2         Monitors faculty development fund allocation for each Cluster

3.5          Office of Mission and Identity

Assists the OMI coordinator in the implementation of  various activities
in pursuit of the institution’s mission and identity goals and other
activities that foster  community  building and service , e.g. annual
Visita Iglesia, tree planting, ISEW

3.5               Research Office

3.5.1         Prepares communication to OVPFT regarding fund
request/withdrawal from AGSB Research Endowment Fund to provide for various
expenditures of the section

3.5.2         Monitors AGSB Research Endowment Fund

3.6               Students

3.6.1         Assists Student Council officers in monitoring SC fund

3.6.2         Provides support to SC by attending to certain matters that
can be handled on the level of the Assistant to the Dean or directs
officer(s) to other administrative officers/sections that are in a position
to provide necessary assistance

4.                   Coordination with Ateneo Professional Schools

4.1               As instructed/requested by the VP for APS, coordinates
work requirements with representatives of various units of APS related to
certain activities/projects or to facilitate implementation of  certain
campus procedures/policies

4.2               Serves as member of APS Task Force

4.3               Coordinates with OHRMOD and medical service provider for
the  conduct of  the annual physical examination for APS

 5.                   ADMU Involvement

Serves as member of certain University committees, namely, University
Screening Committee for Annual Staff  Excellence Awards, Healthcare
Committee, HRMO-AP Committee, HR Council, University Communication
Coordination Council, Christmas Parks Committee

6.                   Performs any other tasks as may be assigned


·         With a Bachelor’s Degree, MBA is an advantage

·         With 3-5 years work experience in educational institution

·         Good command of English language (oral and written)

·         Proficient in MS Office applications

·         Has to be organized and keen on details

·         Skills in customer handling

·         Must possess good interpersonal relations

Interested employees must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor / unit head and submit on or before 22 August 2014 to:

Christine L. Velasco

HR Assistant II

Employment & Development Services Section

                Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
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