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The following Job Vacancies will be under the category A of the Employee
Referral Program.


*(Facilities Management Office)*

*Job Summary:*

This position provides technical assistance in the projects of the
Facilities Management Office.

*Job Description:*

1.       Receives instruction and/or work orders from unit CFMO assigned
Technical Head and CFMO Section Foreman.

2.       Performs regular task in terms of electrical wiring installations,
trouble shooting and recommendations/necessary repairs.

3.       Assists in the installation/repair of communication line and
defective telephone equipment.

4.       Preventive maintenance for all electrical and communication system
in the High School and related CFMO areas.

5.       Monitors, repairs and installs security lights in the High School
and Loyola campuses

6.       Part of the CFMO team in the maintenance of all electrical and
power line and supply source in the Loyola Heights campus.

7.       Extends support of other CFMO sections and other CFMO maintenance
team as and when needed.

8.       Performs other related CFMO duties as and when needed.

9.       Performs regular electrical meter reading and submits report.


·         Graduate of vocational course in Electrical

·         TESDA certificate, preferred

·         With 3 years of related work experience

·         Must be organize, hardworking, patient and has keen eye for


*(Residence Halls)*

*Job Summary:*

This position will provide assistance in maintaining the facilities of the
Residence Halls.

*Job Description*:

1.       Basic cleaning of common areas (hallways, stairs, panty, utility,
storage and ledges ) every morning from Monday to Saturday except Wednesday

2.       Twice a week basic cleaning of all private rooms/balconies in the

a.       C300 to C310 – Monday and Thursday

b.       C313 to C323 – Tuesday and Friday

3.       Once a week thorough cleaning of all areas stated on #1 (every

4.       Basic cleaning every Saturday of the second level common areas
including utility, storage and ledges.

5.       Once a month cleaning of electric fans (every last week of the

6.       Twice a year cleaning of window & door screens (every semester and
summer break)

7.       Once a year general cleaning of all private rooms (every summer


·         High School Graduate or College level

·         Experience working in the Ateneo an advantage

·         Must be organized, hardworking, patient and has keen eye for

Interested employees must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor / unit head and submit on or before 15 August 2014 to:

Christine L. Velasco

HR Assistant II

Employment & Development Services Section

                Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
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