[Blueboard] 25th Anniversary of Contracting Colonialism by Vicente Rafael

Vernon R. Totanes vtotanes at ateneo.edu
Tue Sep 24 11:20:01 PHT 2013

The Rizal Library is hosting a celebration of the 25th year in print of
Vicente Rafael’s *Contracting Colonialism* on Thursday, 26 September 2013,
4:30-6:00 p.m. The book was originally published by Cornell University
Press in 1988, and is now the Philippine history book with the most
citations from around the world. Its author is an Ateneo alumnus, and the
Philippine edition of his book was published by Ateneo de Manila University

We hope you can join us. The program and the abstracts for the lectures by
Vincenz Serrano and Ramon Guillermo appear after the poster below.
[image: Inline image 1]

*Welcome Remarks
**Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr., PhD
Dean, School of Social Sciences
*Contracting Colonialism: From Thesis to Book to Ebook, 1984-2013
**Vernon R. Totanes, PhD
Director, Rizal Library
*Fish Hooks and Spiders’ Webs: Approaching Contracting Colonialism as Essay
**Vincenz C. Serrano, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of English*

Although previous commentators have praised Vicente Rafael’s *Contracting
> Colonialism* for its contributions to translation studies and Philippine
> colonial history, little attention has been given to the way in which the
> book proceeds as an extended essay. Taking his cue from German critic
> Theodor Adorno’s proposition that “properly written texts are like spiders’
> webs: tight, concentric, transparent, well-spun and firm,” Vincenz Serrano
> examines the book’s main claim, argumentative arc, and key motifs, and
> shows that Rafael’s book may be considered a well-spun spider’s web, as
> well as a hook—in keeping with his introduction’s main image—with which
> insights regarding the past may be fished out.

*Citing a Southeast Asian Classic: Citation Analysis of Contracting
**Ramon Guillermo, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature,
University of the Philippines*

On an international plane, *Contracting Colonialism* (1988) by Vicente
> Rafael is probably one of the most successful historical works written by a
> Filipino. Since its publication, it has been widely cited in various
> disciplines such as Philippine Studies, Southeast Asian Studies,
> Translation Studies, Latin American Studies, Gender and Queer Studies,
> Postcolonial Studies and various other fields. Ramon Guillermo confirms the
> extent and nature of its extraordinary influence through citation analysis
> and works out some of the implications for the constitution of “Southeast
> Asian Studies” as a field for Southeast Asians, while at the same time
> posing issues regarding the construction of its canon of scholarly works.

**Vicente L. Rafael, PhD
Professor, Department of History, University of Washington
*Questions from the Audience


*Master of Ceremonies
**Armando M. Guidote, PhD
Associate Dean for Research and Creative Work*
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