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We are pleased to attach herewith our catalogue of seminar offerings for
October 2013. These seminars highlight the various aspects of managing the
family business to achieve the twin objectives of the enterprise: business
excellence and family harmony.

The AFBDC is part of the John Gokongwei School of Management of the Loyola
Schools in the Ateneo de Manila University.

See join
up details below
and in the attachment.

or further inquiries,
call (632) 928 3503 or (632) 426 6001 local 5520 or email
fbdc.jgsom at ateneo.edu and mmenriquez at ateneo.edu


*A suite of seminars for managing the business and governing the family*



*by Jacob Cabochan & Dr. Darwin Yu   Tuesday, October 8, 2013*

How do you make the most of your business capital?  This course focuses on
how to apply financial planning to the family business, allocate budget for
cash resources, and identify and screen investment options for optimal
returns. **


*by Jacob Cabochan   Wednesday, October 9, 2013*

At what stage of a family business’ growth path should you consider
professional managers to take-over the reins of daily operations? Learn how
to set-up systems to make professionals and family members work better


*by Atty. Romulo Ramirez & Atty. Angela Ylagan  Thursday, October 10, 2013*

Death is inevitable—but it is such a morbidly depressing topic that many
families typically postpone discussing the ensuing central issue of
inheritance.  This matter gets more complicated (and contestable) when a
thriving family business is involved.  By being clear about the founder’s
wishes and knowing precisely what the law warrants, the family will avoid
costly litigation after the founder is gone.


*by Aldem Salvaña   Friday, October 11, 2013*

Ensure a durable business legacy by developing a deep bench of leaders that
will grow your enterprise beyond you.  Coaching is “…the least used
leadership style that makes the greatest difference.” (Harvard Business
Review)  This workshop helps you avoid the extremes of ‘command and
control’ and ‘management by abandonment.’  This time, it’s no longer about
you, but about the business you love and the people you choose to run it
after you—and who can indeed do the job better than you did, if you coached
them well.


*by Ricardo Mercado   Saturday, October 12, 2013*

Probe into the dynamics of a family business—the business, the family and
the individual, and their respective concerns.  They translate into three
overlapping systems:  family, management and ownership—each distinct in
outlook and orientation.   Learn how to reconcile the systemic paradoxes
for the ultimate mutual benefit of business and family.


*by Ricardo Mercado   Monday, October 14, 2013*

Succession involves change at the family and organizational levels.  A
healthy succession must be well-planned, where family and non-family
members contribute to an orderly selection of a successor.  As much as for
maintaining family heritage and tradition, succession planning today also
creates the opportunity for reorganizing the business as it is passed on to
the next generation.  The seminar will expose participants to the process
of preparing for generational transition.


*by Ricardo Mercado   Wednesday, October 16, 2013*

The consensus-based family constitution makes explicit the principles and
guidelines that shareholders will follow in their complex relations with
each other, other family members, and company managers.  It articulates the
family’s purpose and values, policies to regulate its practices, and
members’ roles, responsibilities and expectations.  These are best agreed
and enshrined long before costly differences arise.


*by Atty. Nanette Gueco   Thursday, October 17, 2013*

What issues must be addressed in deciding compensation levels for family
members?  Is it possible to define a compensation scenario that is
market-based, just to all concerned, and acceptable to all?


*by Arturo Valencia   Friday, October 18, 2013*

Drawing up a strategy plan for the family business amidst resource
constraints and intense regional competition is hard enough---but even
harder with a web of overarching family aspirations that must be satisfied.
Learn the step-by-step process of strategizing with key tools and
frameworks in the context of parallel planning for a growing family
network. This will help you achieve the desired balance between business
performance and family harmony.**


*by Pilar Tolentino   Saturday, October 19, 2013*

*Venue: G/F, Conference Room Social Science Building*

Healthy and effective family relationships can drive business success.
Understand family dynamics and factors that impact relationships. Learn how
to maintain harmony, face conflicts, and build stronger family ties.. and
make your business fly!


*Venue:* Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights Q.C

FAURA AUDIO VISUAL ROOM (except where specified)

*Time:* 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Registration starts 8:30 AM)

*Seminar Rates:*

Regular Rate: Php5, 000 per participant

(4 paying participants, the fifth one gets in free)

Early Bird Rate: Php4, 500 per participant if fees paid by Sept.  30, 2013

(4 paying participants, the fifth one gets in free)

One participant enrolling in four seminars will have a fifth one free.

Seminar fees are inclusive of Ateneo certificate, learning kit, lunch,

two snacks and free flowing coffee.

*Payment Options:*

Checks drawn in favor of Ateneo de Manila University.

Cash payments accepted upon registration.

Cash deposits in any Metrobank branch

(Use Payment Slip and fill-up with the complete details as follows).

·         Company: Ateneo de Manila University

·         Reference No.: October 2013 Seminar Series

·         Subscriber/Acct. Name: Company/ Participants Name

·         Subscriber No.: 260
Fax payment slip to 928-3503 or email to fbdc.jgsom at ateneo.edu and
mmenriquez at ateneo.edu
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