[Blueboard] "Post-Assassination: Looking for a Commander-in-Chief?" a lecture by Ms. Criselda Yabes

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Mon Sep 16 16:08:10 PHT 2013

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of the School of Humanities
invites you to

"Post-Assassination: Looking for a Commander-in-Chief?"
a lecture by Ms. Criselda Yabes, on Tuesday, 17 September, 4.30-6.00 pm
at Faura Hall Audio Visual Room

The last lecture in the series entitled "The Aquino  Assassination Thirty
Years After"

This lecture series reflects on the assassination of Benigno Aquino,
Jr., an incident which triggered a chain reaction leading to the EDSA
People Power Revolution of 1986.  Clearly a significant moment in
recent Philippine history, the assassination of Aquino is a subject
that deserves further study.  The thirty years that separate the
present from the event should allow room enough for a critical review
and analysis.  The anniversary also provides the occasion for the
school to reintroduce it to students who are too young to have
witnessed it or appreciate its significance.

What were the conditions leading to the event?  What has been its
legacy?  What lessons remain relevant in the present time?  How has it
been appropriated or co-opted by various groups?

The lecture is open to the public.
*Please RSVP 4266001 local 5340.*

Thank you.
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