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Department of Political Science
School of Social Sciences

Summer 2013 Course Offerings

Graduate Subjects:

PoS 213  Resource Management and Human Development: A Field Course
Class  begin :  April 8-26, 2013
Time:  Mon-Fri   9:00-12:00nn
Room:  B 106
Instructor:  Fr. Pedro Walpole, S.J., Ph.D.  Environmental Science for
Social Change
3 units

The course enables students to assess the factors that affect natural
resource management and the contemporary management tools used in
addressing conflicts in resource use and management.  The course
culminates in a field-based experience. Students will engage with a
local community living out the resource-based concerns, adaptations to
changes, and their relationships with culture, local government, and
Philippine society.

PoS 233.9  Globalization and Human Rights
Class begin:  May 1-21, 2013
Time :  Mon-Fri  1:00-4:00pm
Room: B 209
Instructor:  Atty. Sedfrey M. Candelaria,  Dean, Ateneo  Law School
3 units

The course is a study of the unintended impacts of globalization on
human rights with particular attention to institutions such as the
International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade
Organization, among others, that have excluded human rights from their
domain. This course will introduce students to the themes and debates
on the interconnections and relationships between human rights and
different forms of globalization.

PoS 235.3 Humanitarian Intervention,  Peacekeeping,  and the
Responsibility to Protect
Class  begin:  May 2-17, 2013
Time:  Mon-Saturday  9:00-12:00nn
Room:  B106
Instructor:  Prof. Kenjie Isesaki, Peace and Conflict Studies,
Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of
Foreign Studies, Japan

This course focuses on the issues of peace keeping, humanitarian
intervention and the responsibility to protect (R2P).  It revisits the
idea of ?use of force? embedded in the collective security framework
of the United Nations (UN)  and frames the debates surrounding
humanitarian intervention in the context of state-sponsored human
rights violations. The emergent R2P norm that evolves from the 2001
International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty report
and other UN sources inform discussions. The role of media as external
actors in conflict and post conflict situations are analyzed.

PoS 265   Gender Analysis and Sustainability
Class begin: May 27-June 7, 2013
Time:  Mon-Fri  1:00-4:00pm
Room:  B 209
Instructor:  Dr.  Ma. Lourdes V. Ralloza, Assistant Professor of
Political Science , Department of Political Science, Ateneo de Manila
3 units

Drawing on perspectives and experiences from diverse contexts, this
course seeks to provide students with a critical understanding of the
linkages between gender, environment and sustainable development. This
includes gender analysis and mainstreaming as well as changing
perspectives and practice on women, gender and development. The course
involves perspectives in the design, implementation and evaluation of
sustainable development programmes, project and policies.

PoS 272.3  Regional and Areas  Studies : Asia
Class begin:  April 15-May 22, 2013
Time:  Mon-Fri  9:00-10:30am
Room:  Bel 207
Instructor:  Dr. Lydia Yu-Jose, Professor, Department of Political
Science, Ateneo de Manila
3 units

The course addresses  issues relating to the regional dimensions of
peace and security in Asia The analysis includes an in-depth look at
the different  cultures, particularly  similarities and differences
along basic cultural components including gender, religion,
cooperation within the region, and; the international organization and
civil society groups that play a key role in the continent. It also
looks at the evolving role that India and China will play in the
region.  The course includes a workshop entitled ?MULTICULTURALISM AND
2013 from 9:00-4:00pm at F-AVR.

PoS 290.5 Environmental Security: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
Class begin:  May 27-June 7, 2013
Room: B 106
Instructor:   Dorothy Guerrero,  (PhD cand),  Research associate for
Focus on the Global South,  Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
3 units

The course introduces the science of climate change with emphasis on
both natural and anthropogenic drivers, climate change debates, models
and scenarios. The means and implementation of mitigation, such as
emissions reduction, carbon sequestration and Reducing Emissions from
Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) as well as the efforts at
climate change adaptation are presented. The course seeks to impart
tools to analyze the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation.
Discussions are informed by developments in international climate
change policy and negotiations.

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