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Wed Mar 6 10:49:30 PHT 2013

The School of Science and Engineering is pleased to announce the winners of
the SOSE Outstanding Student Research Awards 2013:

Undergraduate - Basic Research Category:

First Prize:  Ana Katrina F. Mapanao (Chem):  Coconut water as
possible growth and  differentiation factor for Bone Regeneration (Adviser:
 Dr. Nina Rosario L. Rojas)

Second Prize:  Douglas Delano S. Dy (Chem):  Erdite Solar Cells Grown via
in Situ Adsorption  Reaction on Mesoporous Titania (Adviser:  Dr. Erwin P.

Undergraduate Innovation:

First Prize:  Jake Norman S. Cando, Vincent Felix E. Dy-Reyes and
Juan Antonio G.  Marinas (ECCE): 3D Open-Source CNC Milling Machine
built from Locally-available Materials (Advisers:  Mr. Jose Claro N. Monje
and Mr. Carlos M. Oppus)

Second Prize:  Antonio Garcia Recio, Guillaume Girardot and Jesse Jan A.
Caparangca (ECCE):   Real-time Monitoring of Sea Conditions :
Marine Black Box System for  Safe Tourism (Advisers: Dr. Nathaniel C.
Libatique and Dr. Gregory L. Tangonan)

Graduate - Basic Research:

First Prize:  Zomesh A. Maini (Biology):  Isolation, Characterization
and Molecular  Cloning of MADS-Flowering Locus (FLC) like Genes
from Varying Developmental Stages of the Embryo of Moringa oleifera Lam
(Adviser:  Dr. Vivian A. Panes)

Second Prize:  Erika B Aranas (Physics):  Analysis of the reflectance
function for  the Extraction of multilayer design parameters (Adviser:  Dr.
Raphael A. Guerrero)

Graduate - Innovation:

First Prize:  Jan Patrick Calupitan and Angelo Romasanta (Chem):
Development of  Reusable DNA-based Biosensors:  Prototypes for Dengue DNA
and Hg (II) Ion ppb-level Detection (Advisers:  Dr. Erwin P. Enriquez and
Dr. Nina Rosario L. Rojas)

Second Prize:  Lance O'Hari P. Go and Christian David Fua (Chem):
Spray Pyrolysis  Deposition of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Components
Geared towards Printable Solar Cells (Adviser:  Dr. Erwin P. Enriquez)

The Awarding ceremonies were held on March 5 at 5:30 pm in Leong Hall
Roofdeck.   Congratulations to all the winners and their advisers!

We would like to thank the Board of Judges for taking the time to review
the papers, view the Posters and listen to the Oral Presentations:.

Coordinator:  Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo

Judges for Undergraduate Research:
Dr. Richard B. Eden (Math)
Dr. Charlotte Kendra Gotangco (ES)
Dr. Raphael A. Guerrero (Physics)
Mr. John Boaz T. Lee (DISCS)
Mr. Ronald L. Reyes (Chem)
Dr. Rosula S. J. Reyes (ECCE)
Dr. Vernie G. Sagun (Biology)

Judges for Graduate Research:
Mr. Ramon Delos Santos (Physics)
Dr. Drandreb Earl O. Juanico (Math)
Dr. Erees Queen B. Macabebe (ECCE)
Dr. Joanna M. Padolina (Biology)
Dr. Severino G. Salmo (ES)
Dr. Nestor S. Valera (Chem)
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