[Blueboard] Ateneo Programming Varsity Teams win 2nd and 5th Runner Up at the 2013 ACM ICPC Philippine Invitational

Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, PhD mrodrigo at ateneo.edu
Mon Mar 4 09:59:40 PHT 2013

The Department of Information Systems and Computer Science warmly congratulates 

Team dr 
Vernon Gutierrez (4CS), Mark Joshua Tan (4CS), Jonathan Wong (4AMF) 

Team Carmiel 
Jan Amiel Reviche (2CS), Camille Marie Ruiz (2CS), Charlene Kate Tolentino (2CS) 

at the ACM ICPC Philippine Invitational held at the Technological Institute of the Philippines QC on March 2, 2013. 

There were 46 teams in all from 24 schools. We fielded 8 teams, all of whom landed in the top 16.  Team rankings were determined by number of problems solved and time taken to solve the problems.  The final rankings of the top 16 teams were as follows: 

1 Quiwarriors2 (UPD) – 10/10, time = 857 
2 Quiwarriors1 (UPD) – 8/10, time = 480 
3 dr (ADMU) – 8/10, time = 499 
4 Quiwarriors3 (UPD) – 7/10, time = 482 
5 Carmiel (ADMU) – 7/10, time = 522 
6 Ateneo Blue Knights (ADDU) – 7/10, time = 691 
7 Peanut Butter Crackers (ADMU – Job Bangayan (2CS), Jeau Gigataras (2CS), Robin Miguel Anupol (4CS)) – 7/10, time = 701 
8 Onion Rings (ADMU – Marlou Ramas (4CS), Jaren Ryan Rex (1PS), Antonio Rafael Umali (4CS)) – 7/10, time = 827 
9 Quiwarriors4 (UPD) – 7/10, time = 829 
10 Expresso (ADMU – Carlo Francisco Adajar (4AMF), Jose Antonio Pascual (2CS) Gabriel Alberto Sanchez (2CS)) – 6/10, time = 255 
11 Coalescence Cascade (ADMU – Daniel John Fordan (4CS), Henry Morco (1AMF), Kyle Stephen See (1CS)) – 6/10, time = 343 
12 ADNU Xavier (ADNU) – 6/10, time = 469 
13 Desync (ADMU – Hadrian Ang (1CS), Jayzon Ty(3CS), John Joseph Ugalino (1CS)) – 6/10, time = 473 
14 Quiwarriors5 (UPD) – 6/10, time = 568 
15 Green Archers A (DLSU) – 6/10, time = 581 
16 Panda (ADMU – Dalzy Eula Mendoza (1CS), Leona Lao (1CS), Vermille Ann Saw (1CS)) – 6/10, 665 

We thank our dedicated coaches Janssen Marwin Go, Dr. Proceso Fernandez, Dr. John Paul Vergara, Michael Ybañez, John Boaz Lee, Thomas Dy, Wilhansen Li, Russell Santos, and Dr. Jumela Sarmiento. We thank our team mangers, Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Jessica Sugay, and Walfrido David Diy. We also thank our staff, Marc Lester Armenta, John Paul Contillo, Lisa Agbay, Grace Berganio, and all the DISCS technicians. 

A special note of thanks goes out to our sponsor, the Philippine Coastal Pipeline and Storage Corporation through Mr. Bien Tan and Mr. Jess Medina, and to our alumni donors Danna Aduna, Queen Alandy Dy, Miguel Arguelles, Michael Chua, Jonathan Co, Paul Echevarria, Marie Charisse Gascon, Neill Li, Clifford Lim, Jan Vincent Liwanag, Richard Locsin, Debbie Manay, Jino Noel, Miguel Paraz, Jerome Punzalan, Mark Punzalan, Salvador Reyes, Jr., Mariel Hernandez Tan, and Paolo Tioseco! 

Our deepest thanks go out to our Programming Varsity teams. Thank you for your talent, dedication, and effort! 

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