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Program: *Government Watch (G-Watch) and Political Democracy and Reform
Location: SDC Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Ave. Quezon

*G-Watch* is the pioneering social accountability program of ASoG under its
Social Accountability Knowledge and Practice Area (KPA) that aims to
contribute in the strengthening of the bureaucracy through systems
improvement and enhancement of transparency and accountability facilitated
by citizen-government engagement. *PODER *is the institutional development
and reform program of the School under its Political Reform KPA that
engages in action research and advocacy to strengthen and reform three key
political institutions, namely: the Constitution, the electoral system and
the political party system.

The *RESEARCH ASSOCIATE* is responsible for providing research and
technical assistance to the Team in selected projects. Specifically, the
following are the responsibilities and tasks of the Research Associate:

   -  Collaborate with the team in designing the data-gathering and in
   preparing data-gathering tools;
   - Arrange and conduct data-gathering activities of the Team’s research
   projects, which include, but is not limited to, review of related
   literature, interviews, focus group discussions, documents analysis and
   - Process and consolidate the data gathered to infer key findings,
   conclusions and recommendations in collaboration with the Team;
   - Assist in the drafting reports, research papers or related knowledge
   products such as manuals, documentation papers, etc. in collaboration with
   the team;
   - Assist in revising and finalizing reports and other technical outputs;
   - Prepare PowerPoint presentation and other presentation materials on
   the research study in collaboration with the team;
   - Assist in the presentation of the research study in public events and
   - Document related research activities and meetings of the Team;
   - Assist in building and managing the database and pool of resource
   materials of the Team;
   - Provide technical assistance to Project Officers of selected projects;
   - Receive related tasks from the Project Officers and Program Director.


   - Applicants for the position of Research Associate must have the
   following qualifications:
   - Has a B.A. degree in political science, sociology, psychology or any
   related social science courses;
   - Has received high marks in research-related subjects and has
   accomplished a major research paper/ output;
   - Demonstrates strong competency in writing and communication;
   - Can easily interact, network and coordinate with people and political
   personalities coming from various political persuasions;
   - With excellent presentation skills and above-average analytical skills;
   - Ability to work supportively in a small team;
   - Enjoys working in a dynamic and fun environment and is able to respond
   swiftly to changing organizational and team needs;
   - A work experience with similar job description is a plus, but not a
   - Strong interest in politics and governance and strong passion for
   democratic ideals is a plus.

*Application Requirements*

All interested applicants must submit the following:

a) An Application Letter addressed to Dr. Antonio G.M. La Viña, Dean of the
Ateneo School of Government, ATTN: Ms. Joy G. Aceron, Program Director.
b) Curriculum Vitae with three professional work references (including their
emails and contact numbers).

c) Sample written work

Please submit the required documents via e-mail to Mr. Dionie J. Salamat,
ASoG Human Resources Coordinator (dsalamat at ateneo.edu), Cc
government_watch at yahoo.com/ political_democracy at yahoo.com with *“Applicant-
Research Associate”* as subject. For further information, please contact
(02) 9202920.

*Deadline for the submission of applications is on 10 March 2013.*
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