[Blueboard] Problems Logging In to Blue Eagle Mail

Chino A Rodriguez crodriguez at ateneo.edu
Fri Mar 1 11:40:59 PHT 2013

To the Ateneo Community,

Just some reminders in logging into and using Blue Eagle Mail:

   1. If you just changed your password today, it may take an hour or so
   for your account to be created and for your password to effected. The
   server is still syncing all accounts and may take some time to finish.
   (Your account is created relative to the time you changed your password and
   when the mail server syncs our accounts to Google's server.)
   2. You still can send emails using the old email system (Horde).
   3. You may experience some peculiar email behavior:
      - If you send an email using the old system (Horde) to an
ateneo.eduaccount, the recipient will receive the email in his/her old
email account
      - If you send an email using the Blue Eagle Mail to an
ateneo.eduaccount, the recipient will receive the email in his/her
Blue Eagle Email
      - You may experience receiving some emails in Blue Eagle Mail inbox
      and some in the old email inbox. This ought to stabilize in a day or two.
      4. Your current emails are being migrated to Blue Eagle Mail. Some
   accounts have been migrated, some not. This may take a week to complete
   since there are a lot of email accounts that need to be migrated.
   5. Your address book / contacts have to be migrated manually.
   Instructions to do such are located

For questions, we're at local 4185.

Thanks and kind regards,


- - -

*Chino S. Rodriguez* <http://ph.linkedin.com/in/chino360/>
End-User Computing Manager
Ateneo de Manila University <http://admu.edu.ph>
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