[Blueboard] The European Global Strategy: causes and expectations

Kai Lopez cslopez at ateneo.edu
Tue Jul 23 09:46:48 PHT 2013

The European Studies Program of the Loyola Schools, in cooperation
with the Association of European Studies Students (AEuSS), invites the
Ateneo De Manila community to their EU Lecture Series 1 entitled:

*The European Global Strategy: causes and expectations*
on *25 July 2013* at the* CTC 102, **4:30-6:00 p.m.*

The speaker, *Dr. David Garcia Cantalapiedra* is a Visiting Professor in
the European Studies Program and currently teaching EU 195.7 European
Security and Defense Policy after the Lisbon Treaty. Dr. Cantalapiedra
is a Professor from the Department of Internacional Law and
Internacional Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, Universidad
Complutense de Madrid.


Is the *European Global Strategy* a draft for creating a real *Grand*
*Strategy* for the European Union? Will it be a real guideline for
European Council meeting in December? Or is it only an academic vision
and a Kantian *desideratum*? The effort carried out by 20 European
foundations and think-tanks in Europe throughout several months has
produced a report called *Towards a European Global Strategy. Securing*
*European Influence in a Changing World*, that have mixed results, about
all regarding the EU *identity*, EU vision about the World and the
security conceptions laid down in the report.
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