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The Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development 

invites you to the 

Performing Like A Champion Program



This 3-day program is aimed at participants who would like to develop their
ability to use their mind and body to achieve and exceed their person best
at work.




Module 1: The Mind-Body Connection in Peak Performance

This module describes the Mind-Body Connection by tackling the different
attributes and mental strategies of champions. Participants will undergo a
visualization exercise that will guide them in experiencing their best
performance at work.


Module 2. The Components of Effective Goal-Setting

In this module, participants learn the various types, outcomes and process
of goals, their outcome and process. Participants will also practice writing
and analyzing goals following the SMART approach. 


Module 3: Creative Imagery for Peak Performance: Left and Right Brain in
Creative Thinking

This module focuses on how to access one’s creative thinking in order to
achieve peak performance. Participants will practice various imagery skills
such as ambidextrous drawing and visualization to strengthen their creative


Module 4: Image Rehearsal: Creating the Blueprint for Peak Performance

This module presents the elements and considerations of image rehearsal such
as environment, nature and types of imagery. Through various exercises,
participants practice skills in improving attention, focus and


Module 5: Energy Management: Basic Principles of Optimum Energy Level

This module discusses various energy levels in relation to task
requirements. The process of regulation, and strategies on how to achieve
the optimum energy levels are also discussed. Participants are given the
opportunity to assess their energy level through relaxation and activation


Module 6: Stress Management: Managing Pressure and Stress as Crucial to Peak

This module tackles the physical, emotional and behavioral manifestations of
pressure and stress. Participants will learn about the dynamics of stress,
and how to distinguish between positive and negative stress. Here,
participants will identify the source of stress from their job, and practice
stress management skills.


Module 7:  Cultivating Adaptability and Resilience at the Workplace

In this module, participants will learn the concept of resilience, the
ability to achieve positive outcomes despite adverse conditions. This module
also tackles thought conversion, wherein participants practice transforming
pessimistic thoughts to optimistic thought patterns. 


Module 8: The Champion Mindset: Perspective and Lifestyle

In this final module, participants learn the tools, habits and lifestyle
that are integral for having a champion mindset. 



At the end of the program, participants are expected to:


o    Clarify and differentiate what their outcome goals are from their

o    and process goals 

o    Create their own mental scripts to achieve their goals  

o    Identify their optimum energy requirements  

o    Devise their own stress/pressure management strategies

o    Convert negative thought patterns into positive thinking blueprints 




Schedule:                            July 11, 15 and 18, 2013 (8:30 am –
5:30 pm)


Venue:                                  Ateneo CORD Training Center, 2/F
Höffner Bldg., Social Development Complex, Ateneo de Manila University,
Loyola Heights, Q.C.


Program Fee:                    P18,000 inclusive of meals and materials for
the whole program


Ateneo Rate:             P9,000



For interested parties and other queries, please email Karina Cabal
(Program Officer for Public Trainings): ateneocord at admu.edu.ph



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