[Blueboard] Erratum: Ateneo Center for Health Evidence, Action and Leadership (A-HEALS)

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          19 December 2013

Memo to:        The University Community

Subject:           Ateneo Center for Health Evidence, Action and Leadership

I am pleased to inform everyone about the Ateneo Center for Health
Evidence, Action and Leadership (A-HEALS), the creation of which was
approved by the Board of Trustees in August of 2011 for an initial period
of up to 5 years until August 2016. Lodged at the Ateneo School of Medicine
and Public Health (ASMPH), it shall be directly accountable to the Vice
President for the Professional Schools.

I am appointing Dr Manuel M Dayrit, Dean of ASMPH, as Executive Director of
A-HEALS, for an initial term from 1 December 2013 to 30 November 2014.

A-HEALS is envisaged to be the strategic hub that will implement our
health-related strategies for accomplishing the “defeat poverty” goal under
the strategic thrust of nation-building. Its mission is to provide
evidence-based solutions to help various stakeholders (including local and
national government) institute and manage effective health systems in the
country. The strategic emphasis here is on *systems*. It shall adopt a
total approach that has six dimensions, namely, governance, regulation,
financing, service delivery, human resources, and information systems. It
aims to contribute to improving the institutional capabilities of LGUs in
designing, implementing, and monitoring their health care programs to
achieve more tangible and sustainable outcomes.

I thank Dr. Dayrit and the ASMPH for taking the lead in orchestrating
University efforts in public health reform and development. As this is a
hub, I am hopeful that the different units of the University will
contribute to A-HEALS according to their respective talents and include
health reform in their institutional strategic sights.

ad majorem Dei gloriam,

Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ

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