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Dr. Bliss Cua Lim, author of *Translating Time: Cinema, the Fantastic
and* *Temporal
Critique *(Ateneo Press, 2011) and associate professor of Film and Media
Studies at the University of California-Irvine, will give a series of talks
on various aspects of film in general and Philippine cinema in particular.

On September 8, 11 am, she will speak on “Gambling on Life and Death: Two
Films by Jeffrey Jeturian,” at the Cineuropa panel discussion, Shangri-la
Premier Theater, EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

This talk explores two films from the earlier and latter years of filmmaker
Jeturian’s career: *Pila Balde* [Fetch a Pail of Water, 1999] and
*Kubrador*[Bet Collector, 2006].
The commercially and critically successful *Pila Balde* exemplifies the
low-budget *pito-pito *mode of filmmaking adopted by local film studios in
an attempt to weather the aftershocks of the 1997 Asian economic crisis.  *
Kubrador*, which garnered several awards, was hailed as a major work of the
contemporary Filipino independent cinema, and has markedly influenced the
style of indie films released in its wake. The talk juxtaposes these two
films, both made in periods of economic and state crisis, in relation to
their linked motifs of gambling, death, and communitarian reciprocity.

On September 13, 2.30 pm, her talk will be on “Aswang Transmedia,” at the
UP College of Mass Communication auditorium, Diliman, Quezon City.

Aswang, a ubiquitous presence in local folkore, is often conceptualized as
a national symbol for monstrous asociality. The talk will explore aswang
accounts across various media—archival sources, feminist comics, a novel,
and film shorts—to show that contrary to the dominant conceptual paradigm,
the aswang is not an asocial other; rather, aswang are relatives, friends,
or sweethearts in the grips of supernatural transformation. These
transmedial aswang raise questions of intimacy, unexpected monstrosity, and
the permeable borders between the human and the nonhuman. Far from negating
the social order, many accounts of aswang show them to be part of a
decidedly queer social fabric themselves.

On September 26, 4.30 pm, Dr. Lim will tackle the crises in film archives
in her presentation, “Archival Fragility and Anarchival Temporalities in
Philippine Cinema,” at the Faura AVR, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola
Heights, Quezon City.

In this talk, Dr. Lim calls attention to the constraints on scholarship on
Philippine film and media--fragile material conditions and acute temporal
pressures. Prior to the establishment of a National Film Archive of the
Philippines in 2011, film restoration and preservation languished due to a
dearth of funding, lack of state support, and the deterioration of media
storage formats.

The *anarchive*, defined by Akira Lippit as the necessary complement to the
archive, is the inevitability of loss that shadows forms of historical
survival. Through a consideration of two LVN studio films, *Giliw
Ko*(1939) (see photo) and
*Victory Joe* (1946), Dr. Lim explores the anarchival temporalities that
emerge in response to the impending deterioration of surviving works, as
well as efforts to combat the expectation of archival decay.

Dr. Bliss Lim's scholarly work on her myriad interests has appeared in
well-regarded journals and anthologies. She has also published three books
of poetry, and is at work on a new book on the crises of archival
preservation in Philippine cinema.

Her publications *Translating Time*, and *Geopolitics of the Visible* (ed.
Rolando Tolentino, 2000), where her essay “True Fictions, Women’s
Narratives, and Historical Trauma” appears, are available at the Ateneo
Press (unipress at admu.edu.ph) and by customer order at select bookshops.

(in the photo: Mila del Sol and Fernando Poe Sr. in *Giliw Ko*, My Beloved,
dir. Carlos Vander Tolosa, 1939)

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BOOKS OF THE  MONTH (September): DOWN FROM THE HILL: Ateneo de Manila in
the First Ten Years Under Martial Law, 1972-1982, ed. Cristina Jayme
Montiel and Susan Evangelista; LIVING AND DYING: In Memory of 11 Ateneo de
Manila Martial Law Activists, by Cristina Jayme Montiel; SOCDEM: Filipino
Social Democracy in a Time of Turmoil and Transition, 1965-1995, ed.
Benjamin T. Tolosa Jr.; NOT ON OUR WATCH: Martial Law Really Happened. We
were There, ed. Jo-Ann Q. Maglipon

I have always been happy in libraries...
                                              -Alan Bennett
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