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4 September 2012


Memo to:        The University Community


Subject:           Strategic hub for education 



I am pleased to announce the creation of another hub, this time for
education development.  The hub for education is envisaged to direct, align,
consolidate the University’s various efforts (i.e. teaching, research,
outreach, and formation) in education reform.  It is a university-wide
strategy or means to help us accomplish the “defeat poverty” goal under the
nation-building strategic thrust.  Since education is a cross-cutting
concern or dimension, this particular strategy spans the other goals of the
other two strategic thrusts of mission-identity and environment-development.
But it is being lodged mainly under nation-building for the sake of
strategic clarity.

If you recall, in my 16 April 2012 memo titled “Three strategic anchors or
hubs,” we formed hubs for culture and the arts, leader development, and for
sustainable development.  I am happy to report that the hub for culture and
the arts (provisionally named “the creativity project”) is going along fine.
The hub for sustainable development is now formally approved and has been
christened the Ateneo Institute for Sustainability.  The hub for leader
development is still on the drawing board, and will be up for approval in
the November 2012 BOT meeting.

I am directing Atty Jaime G Hofileña to be the architect who will design the
institutional blueprint for this latest strategic hub on education
development.  Please support him with your openness to work together, your
creative capacity to think out-of-the-box, and your Ignatian lightness (and
readiness) to go to the frontlines of this crucial area of education reform
and development.

For your information and guidance.



Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ



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