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In celebration of the canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod (second 
Filipino saint) on 21 October 2012 at Vatican City, Rome, the Jesuit 
Music Ministry is proud to share with you the song entitled /"San Pedro 
Calungsod, Huwaran ng mga Kabataan"/. The song was written by Fr. 
Timoteo M. Ofrasio, SJ, music by Fr. Arnel Aquino, SJ. and recorded by 
Tinig San Jose and Himig Heswita.

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"Life that is offered.  Faith that is proclaimed."/

/Pedro Calungsod was a teenage native of Visayas region in the 
Philippines.  He was among the first to serve the Mission organized by 
Fr. Diego Luis de San Vitores, S.J., in the Marianas on 16 June 1668.  
On 2 April 1672, he was speared and struck to death with a cutlass 
together with Fr. Diego by two unbelieving villagers in Tumhon, Guam, 
for catechizing and baptizing natives. Their bodies were thrown into the 
sea.  Pope John Paull II beatified Fr. Diego on 6 October 1985 and Pedro 
on 5 March 2000./
     -excerpt taken from the Novena and Saturday Devotional Prayers in 
honor of Blessed Pedro Calungsod

//*San Pedro Calungsod:  Huwaran ng mga Kabataan*/
Titik ni Timoteo M. Ofrasio, SJ
Musika ni  Arnel Aquino, SJ

Sa 'yo'y pagpupugay handog nami't alay
Santong kalahi at aming kabanay,
Huwarang tangi ng mga kabataan,
Magiting na anak ng kabisayaan.

Pagsisilbing ganap ang tanging hangad,
Atas ni Cristo'y tapat na tinupad,
Maayong Balita ay ipinamansag,
Kahayag ni Cristo ay iyong pinasinag.


San Pedro Calungsod, tunay na huwaran
San Pedro Calungsod, angay pagasundon sa mga kabataan.

Nahimong katabang ng paring butihin
Na si Diego Luis, sa kanyang gawain
Sa malayong dapit pinili n'yang itanghal
Kaligtasan ng taong sa Diyos ay mahal.

Hindi ka nasindak sa lupit at dahas
Na dulot ng bangis ng imbing kaaway
Sa baybayin ng Tumhon sa pulong Marianas
Gawasnon n'yang gihalad ang sarili n'yang buhay.

Pedro Calungsod, isa kang huwaran
Ng mga kabataan sa paninindigan
Panig-ingnan ikaw sa ' yong katatagan
Sa 'yo nawa'y matulad ang aming kabataan! *(KORO)*

Dit G. Sablan
Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc.
426-5971 loc. 121

"Dont wish it were easier, Wish you were BETTER
Dont wish for fewer problems, Wish for more SKILLS
Dont wish for less challenges, Wish for more WISDOM "
- Earl Shaof

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