[Blueboard] MVP, Coach, and SEF

Rona Valenzuela mvalenzuela at ateneo.edu
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26 November 2012


Memo to:        The University Community


Subject:           MVP, Coach, and SEF



Over the past few days, Mr Manuel V Pangilinan (MVP) and I have been meeting
in an effort to move forward and create a more open and constructive
partnership. Our dialogue touched upon various matters (both immediate and
long-term) that involve the Ateneo de Manila.


On the specific issue of the Head Coach of our Men's Varsity Basketball
Team, MVP offered to arrange for me to meet with Coach Bo Perasol, so that
we could reconsider our mutual termination of an earlier agreement. In view
of this development, I reconvened the Search Committee, which had earlier
recommended Coach Bo as their candidate for the said post. The Committee met
last Friday, 24 November, and confirmed their recommendation in respect of
Coach Bo. With the affirmation and support of the Search Committee, I am
pleased to announce that Coach Bo shall be the Head Coach of the Ateneo Blue
Eagles beginning 1 December 2012.  We are grateful to MVP for his gesture of


At the same time, I would like to encourage the Ateneo community to continue
supporting what will now be a Sports Endowment Fund (SEF). I have decided to
expand the scope and mission of this Fund to include all athletic programs
beyond basketball, as we believe in the wisdom of the SEF being the umbrella
capital fund which will sustain our athletes and sports programs for the
long term. Thus, contributions to basketball and all other athletic programs
shall henceforth be channeled through the SEF. The Ateneo de Manila will
supervise this Fund with the appropriate governance and management systems
to ensure the smooth running of all our athletic programs. Under Fr Nemesio
Que SJ, the team tasked with oversight of the SEF has begun their work.


I am hopeful that everyone in the Ateneo community will give their
wholehearted support to this enlarged SEF. In fact, I am heartened by the
response we have received thus far in the form of pledges and donations, and
I know I can count on all of you to remain committed to building this Fund,
and supporting our beloved alma mater. MVP and the MVP Sports Foundation
have agreed to infuse this Fund with a significant donation.


We undertake all these efforts to strengthen the formative and Ignatian
values that are drawn from our engagement in athletics in the Ateneo family.
In this and in many other endeavors, we are also given a glimpse of our
mission and identity.


Mens sana in corpore sano.



Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ




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